Celeb Beauty Moment With Susie Castillo

Here’s one of the times when i hijacked a guest on “The Fashion Team” for Cool Mom. I only ask the guests I like, and the ones that don’t have an abundance of “people” with them. If they are not thrown by having a small video camera shoved in front of their face, that’s a plus. A while back, former Miss USA Susie Castillocame by. She is so thin and cute and smart, I could have smacked her in the mouth. Instead i asked her about beauty tips on the go.

Mommy Needs a Manicure

When I was pregnant with Viv, I still got weekly manicures, but my pretty acrylic nails had to come off – the smell and sensation were too much.  

Then new motherhood found me a wreck. For manicures, I used to go to the same Vietnamese lady I see to get my eyebrows waxed. I look like Dukakis if I don’t get my eyebrows done, and for that regimen I can hold Vivien while the woman waxes my brows. Recently she begged me to get my nails done as I was rushing out the door. She said, “Before baby, always time for nails. Now, no more.” I looked down at my nails, and they did look pretty bad.

So now I’m back to trying to get them done about every two weeks. But it doesn’t always work. And when it doesn’t, I have days like I describe in this video.

Me and the Spa “Girls”

Yes, it’s hard being a basic cable superstar.  

Spa Girls - Cool Mom

One of the perks of my life on the G-list are the spa shoots I do for the Fashion Team. Now, they all look better than they are. I got a detox massage from a spa once that made me want to barf. But the Spa Girls are a mobile unit that shows up and does your spa treatment for you and your friends in your own home. They have a thriving business going to the sets of TV shows.

They showed up and wowed the neighbors in their convertible car. I didn’t get a real massage as we have to cheat it for camera, but my mommy friend Jung got a massage from two people, including having her butt vigorously rubbed. Fun! Yes, my “work” is not done in a coal mine.

The Spa Girls were a fun-loving lot. It’s not cheap, but if any Cool Mom readers are in the area that they service, they have a discount for you all. Here’s their offer:

We’re happy to offer $100 off the first service 
(mention Promo Code SGCM08, valid for 1 month)
The contact info for Spa Girls is:
877.99. SPA GIRL

Beauty Regimen Keepers

On the Fashion Team, when I get my mitts on celebrity moms, I always ask them which beauty bits they dropped and which ones they still make time for. I remember Vanessa Williams (who I love and who was a total class act) said she only gets her nails done before big events, like the Emmy’s. “Once you have kids, doesn’t it seem silly to take an hour to get that done?” she said.

This video is my take on which parts of my beauty regimen I dropped when I became a mom.

Eyelash Curler: A Cautionary Tale

From my world o’cold I’m swimming in, I must depart this word of warning for the multitasking mom. My sister Cecily was curling her lashes Thursday, getting ready to meet us out for a girl’s dinner. She decided to multitask, also known as sitting on the can while curling said lashes, but she stumbled. The result? Half her eyelashes are now gone from her left eye. A clear chunk o’ lash is missing. When will it return? Who knows?

(Here’s Cecily with Vivien, eyelashes intact.)

She said it doesn’t hurt, but sometimes it’s better to take the 3 seconds to complete things. When something like that happens to me, I always think I dodged a bullet. That it could have been worse; I could have been distracted and in a hurry and plowed my car into a tree. So, don’t stop making yourself pretty, just do one thing at a time. That’s my takeaway.

Makeup in the Car

Just because you are a giver of life, a protector, doesn’t mean you have to totally go to seed, right? There’s the glam mom, and then there’s the rest of us who can barely pull it together. I’m not wearing high heels when I take my kids out to golf. Swear, I once saw that!

But, I think we need to make a little effort. In the old days, people would say do it to keep your husband happy. I say, do it to keep you happy! Terrible when you catch a glimpse of yourself and you go, “What happened to that girl? Oh, God, it’s me!!!”

Now, in my video here, I accidentally say blush twice. I meant foundation the other time. Lots of people will say that for running around, tinted moisterizer is fine. Well, they are prettier than me, ’cause I need the coverage of foundation. Let me know your quick “pull it together” tips. This video shares one of mine.

Prenatal Waxing

A down-there grooming for the mom-to-be, as mentioned in Jezebel, is no joke. Before I gave birth to Vivien, I braced myself for my first-ever bikini wax. At the time I thought I was going to have a vaginal birth and wanted a clean plate on which to serve my daughter, so to speak. Also, the bigger the belly gets, the harder it is to do any kind of trimming. If you can’t bend over, it’s a jungle down there.

My Two Loves
Creative Commons License photo credit: virexmachina

But don’t let anyone con you. Waxing hurts. When I got it done, waxer lady said I was sensitive because of my hormones. I was sensitive because my hair was being yanked out by strips of hot wax.

Do get a wax, and getting a mani-pedi is smart. ‘Cause, let’s face it, once that new baby comes, you are a prisoner in your house for a while and you want to look your best for… for… for… hmmm, who will see you?