Winners! Bikini thief winners announced

Hey, you can be a mom and win a swimsuit contest!
They you all for playing!  There was a much better chance of winning the black bikini as most of you wanted the tankini ( do you hear that people who make swimsuits?)
Studies show we are all getting bigger historically, yet most suits made for a 14 year old body.
I digress.
The winner of the cute black bikini is CLAIRE. ( if this isn’t the one you wanted let me know.  since you didnt’ state preference I put you in both drawings.)
The winner of the Tankini is CAROLINE.
CONGRATS! Thanks to everyone for playing.  Winners, please email me your mailing info to Daphne Please leave a comment expressing your delight, “you really like me” Sally Field it up.
Happy summer!

GIVEAWAY: Bikini Thief

Put down the sunscreen, get your flip flops on and fire up the margarita machine! We are doing a swimsuit giveaway! Not one, but two!!  Watch the vid and comment below to win.

The suits are fab and provided by Bikini Thief. My stylist friend Jess Zaino hooked us up. She thought (correctly) that I would love them since they have a vast maternity line. She gave me the red “St. Bart’s” suit last year. So cute and comfy. You don’t have to be pregnant to wear them; maybe just not wanting to display your less than stellar abs poolside.

Happy Summer!

**For official rules, click here.