Farewell Bassinet, Farewell

It is with bittersweet feelings I write of the passing of our beloved bassinet. Our bassinet was handed down from my sister Cecily. My niece Lily resided within it. Vivien slept in it till she was about 8 months, and Rex has been in there on and off for the last 8 months as well. Being passed around like that has not made our bassinet like a broken down whore in our eyes; oh no, our bassinet has been a loving part of the family, albeit one who is hard to get through doorways because of its sturdy wide bottom (not to be mean, it has a wide bottom).

It’s still very pretty. Blue and white and in mint condition. I fondly remember the terror of new motherhood as the post-partum doula I had hired when Vivien was new showed me how I could continually rock the bassinet and pat the swaddled Vivien as she cried and eventually she would sleep. It seemed like black magic at the time. Which why I hung on the doula’s ankles begging her never to leave me as she tried to walk out the.

In our now smaller home, that bassinet has gamely traveled from our bedroom, to Oliver’s bedroom when he is at his moms, to the playroom when Oliver is with us, sometimes stashed in the dining room when we didn’t know what the sleeping arrangements would be that night. Back and forth more times than a candidate goes to Iowa. But did the bassinet ever yell, cry, stomp its foot and say, “I must be counted here. Am I worth nothing? Can’t I have a place? Are you really putting your baby son to sleep in a closet?” (Yes, a couple of times that happened too.)

But a few days ago something happened.  Rex would not go to sleep in the bassinet.  He cried and cried, and not in a good way.  I then realized the poor kid had about a half inch of space between his feet and the edge of the bassinet.  In fact, once when i put him in recently, his feet hung over the side of it.

But bassinet is not to blame. It’s done its job well.

I’m sad because there will not be another small baby of mine to put in the bassinet.

I’m happy because there will not be another small baby of mine to put in the bassinet.

See, bittersweet.

As I wrap plastic around it and place in lovingly in its temporary resting place, the garage, I hope that one day another worthy family will love it as we have.

Farewell, dear bassinet, farewell.