Angry room parent: c’mon help me out!


Here is a Momversation that I started. One of my pet peeves: parents who don’t help in their public schools.  Do you judge the non involved like I do?  Loved getting the input of Janice from 5 Minutes for mom ( who I met at BlogHer, Hi Janice! Let’s do “5 minutes for room parents”) and “Mr. Lady” ( love that moniker) of Whisky in my sippy cup (also met at Blogher, sassy, fun gal).

Since I can’t respond to the videos since I went first I will put them here:  I don’t find a difference between single or married parents.  In fact, my co room parent is a widower and he is very involved ( bless his heart).  Also, there are parents who don’t communicate with me, but go to the teacher.  That’s fine.  I check in with her so I know who to lay the heat on and who to leave alone.  Yes, the amount of communication you can get from a kids school is daunting. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to be the room parent to help streamline it and make it more clear.  I hate the amorphous “come help” email. People need specifics and they need to know why?  Example: This past weekend we kept hearing “come to a rally to support charter schools” on a Saturday morning when I –as a blogger– was given free passes for my family to go to Knott’s berry Farm.  My husband was all for ditching the social action and hitting the rides.  Since I grew up going to everything from Libertarian “victory” parties to marches for the the ERA this was causing me some pang.  But, frankly the whole event seemed to vague.  So I delved deeper into it and then I composed this email:

So, do any of us want to get up early and hustle somewhere Saturday

morning?  I know I don’t.  But, I’m going to suck it up tomorrow and

do just that.  We need to have a good showing to show the LAUSD and

the State they can’t pick the pockets of the Charter schools.  They’ve

done it and they will do it again if we don’t rise up against them.

It’s like when the ants face down the grasshoppers in A Bug’s life,

our collective numbers can send those who would underfund ( even more

than we are) into the mouth of a bird.

Okay, not a perfect analogy.  Look, drive downtown, wear a green

shirt, yelp and clap for an hour and go home.

Guess what?  It worked.  Our class had showed up in better numbers than most others ( along with the 15 parents who do most everything).

My family didn’t get on the bus with the crowd.  We put on our green shirts, found a meter, stayed for an hour clapping and yelping, then hoped on the freeway and a great time at Knott’s ( short lines, Camp Snoopy, good for little ones).  Btw, all having matching color shirts not a bad idea at an amusement park.  I could find them easily.

But, don’t tell me your busy.  We all have a lot going on.  I’m watching…

Virtual Friends

So, I’ve been meaning to post this since BlogHer ’11. The vid got lost in the editing room and then from my frontal lobe.

When I went to BlogHer, I was finally able to meet my virtual best friend. Alexandra has been a frequent commenter to CoolMom, which that alone endears a person to me. But she also was very frank about financial troubles at a time when I was in my own. I appreciated this honesty. I started to look forward to her comments here also because I thought she had a great sense of humor. The only time I knew what she looked like was when she sent me a picture when she won the General Mills snack giveaway.

She has now gone from blogger fan to blogger. She has her own site and was at BlogHer to get an award for her witty writing.  So, I brought out my gear and we sat down at the San Diego Marriott and talked, minutes after meeting for the first time.


I’m trying to stay on top of all cultural trends…tech-wise at least. Just at Blog Her and met a nice gal who is part of a team that created GLMPS. It’s for iPhones and iPads now, but hopefully one day Droid users like me can use it. It’s a picture that becomes a five second video.

Now, of course, the “kids” are sexting, I’m too old and married for that, but I’m the perfect for demo for fexting. Have you tried it?