Who invited Cassandra to the party?

Fasten your seat belt, the holidays are here.  This is it, after this moment count me out.  Family has already started to arrive and I have pull the trigger on which vegi side dish to cook I’m think creamed corn.  It’s probably just as well I stay close to home as the last couple of gatherings that were “work” related I should have changed my name to Cassandra.

First I went to Deca, my old partners in forming this site and Momversation back in the dark ages ( almost 6 years ago). They were throwing a launch party for a cartoon series.  They didn’t make it, but someone on their board did.  I nodded as I was told this shoving a bbq sandwich in my mouth.  Rebecca Woolf of Girls Gone Child and Kim Tracy Prince, mom blogger buddies were there. I hadn’t seen them in a while so it was nice to catch up.  Kim lives far away, Rebecca is close but has 4 kids, two baby twins, so she might as well be in Phoenix. We discussed a few things while we stood there.

the old gang

1) why has the ability to monetize blogging become so difficult?

2) why is the wine served in pre wrapped glasses?  ( they sponsored the party)

3) why did a cartoon with a large busted mom character, that after my brief viewing seemed to be full of hack characters  get money behind it to be made? Perhaps because it’s voiced by Miss Eva Longoria.

4) Is there a disconnect between the consumer and producers of content?  Or is it I who have the disconnect?

When anyone asked, “Hi, Daphne, how are you doing?”

Me; “Great.  You know mom blogging is dead, right?”  I didn’t get a lot of protest. None.

I guess I wasn’t too much a Debbi Downer, because  this week Kim Tracy Prince invited me to a shopping meca near me to drink free wine and meet Randi Zuckerberg and get her book.  The sister to Mr. Facebook worked at FB, and is now doing her own thing and  has written a book. ( Her signing was post free wine.)  So, they called Kim, who called her blogging lady pals and I had two glasses of Sauvignon blanc.  Again, nice to see some of the old gang I hadn’t see in a while.

“You know mom blogging is dead?” I chirped as I shoved a now called fried calamari in my mouth.

“My site was never a mom blogging site, it’s about fashion.” said one blogger.

Randi is a very nice, personable woman. She has good people skills.  If she was a posting I would hit “Like”. In this picture I look like I’m so proud of my life partner.  Kim took it and she said, ” you guys look like you are going to go on a date.”  Hey, I could do a lot worse.

Later at the book signing for “Dot Complicated.” Randi handled it well when I asked, “What did you think about how the movie “The Social Network” made your brother seem autistic.  I don’t know him, but from what I’ve seen of him he doesn’t seem like that.”   Like a politician she praised the movie from a cinematic stand point, but said 70% of it was incorrect and that the actors did not mingle with the real life counterparts.  I also liked that she is focused on getting little girls to be engineers and work in technology.  “If you really want to change the world, be an engineer.”  Oh, don’t take improv?  I was mis-informed.

I cradled my book under my arms as I waved good-bye to my fellow content creators.  “Dead, it’s dead, it over.” I sang out as the escalator took me down.  Then it hit me. It’s great Randi Zuckeberg wants to help young girls, but who is starting the initiative for retraining of sassy middle aged ladies with a creative bent?

Maybe that should be my next project.



The Book Signing

Monday night was the first book signing for Mark’s cookbook. It was for food press and some key ringers. My family, the doctor who delivered my babies, you know, the usual. I asked for a mic to be there, and I introduced Mark and he introduced his co-writer Martha Rose Shulman.

It was a lot of work for about two years, so it was nice to have a cocktail and celebrate. Or three. But they were tiny cocktails. It was very fun, and I wore one of my new dresses from my previously written about $500 shopping spree at the Trina Turk sale (‘Cause I was tired of wearing maternity).  My daughter also wore pink. And here she is wisely eating the yummy apps that were straight out of the cookbook.

Note the savory tart on the table. I don’t know if I have mentioned it, but

I’M OBSESSED WITH SAVORY TARTS. They are my favorite food.

They don’t serve them at Campanile, but pretty sure they will at the bar Mark is working on, or there will be marriage counseling in our future. There is a recipe for the one here, and it was GOOD. Slices of potato, carmelized onions, bacon. Nuff said.

People were very kind, and many people bought 2 to 5 books planning ahead for Christmas.

I was a little fried the next day since Rex woke us up quite a bit, but there was some nice press and none better than this.  It’s like I wrote it.

Mark has a couple more book signings scheduled in LA. October 20th at Borders in Century City and the 26th at Campanile. If he travels out of town, it’s on our dime, so not sure about other places. If it does well, we might go somewhere where we have friends so it makes sense, like the Bay Area.

The night and the Grubstreet article were amazing considering when we were in the dark days of late December ’08 I said to Mark, “2009 will be your year.” He had to buck me up more than I him. But being human, having millions stolen and having to sell your home can take a little spring out of your step. Even the sunniest of people can need a pep talk. I said, I can feel it, it’s going to come together for you. The book will come out, the restaurant will endure, the bar you are working on will come together, and I’m getting you on Top Chef!  I might have said:

“As god as my witness!”

So, maybe the lesson is, in dark moments hide the hard drugs and visualize the good stuff, work towards your goals, and they just might kick in. I hope.