Transition Haircut

Okay, I had another haircut. I’m letting it grow out, so I had my friend Theodore Leaf cut into my thick mane. Whaddaya think?

transition haircut

Today I like it… hope I still do tomorrow! He said I need to “keep on this program,” or it won’t grow, meaning I shouldn’t run around town, getting different cuts from different people. I am lazy, so that’s not likely to happen.

I feel like I aged myself a bit by having too-short hair. This hair is the best I can do for a youthful look until I’m done nursing and can get back to the Botox!


So a while ago I said to Nikki, my executive producer of the Fashion Team, “I can’t believe this show can’t get me some free BOTOX.”  A few days later she called and asked if I was serious; there was a segment they wanted to do and I could get free BOTOX by a reputable Beverly Hills doctor who has been on Extreme Makeover (a show I always loved) on TV.  I said, “Why not?  I’m going to tell everyone anyway.”  I would never pull a Star Jones and conceal I lost half my body.  I can’t keep much of a secret. If someone compliments my outfit I can’t just say “thank you” – I have to say, “TJ Maxx, $25!”.  Maybe I’ll be classy when I grow up.

Anyway, it was done by Dr. Jon Perlman.  It felt like tiny little pricks.  Waxing is a hundred times more painful.  Not only would I do it again, I might even pay for it.

Older Moms

Older moms can so relate to the first few minutes of Baby Mama when Tina Fey’s character talks about how by concentrating on her career she will be the oldest mom in preschool. Her character is 37, which in my daughter’s circle would make her one of the younger moms. That’s right old moms, we are not alone! It’s a little painful when you do the backward math and realize how old a child of yours would be if one resulted from when you were first sexually active. Oh, well. Here’s my ruminations on not being a child bride.