Mom Come here : ballad cry of the youngin


With all this running around shouldn’t I be thinner?
Mom’s do you have days like this? Hours like this? Minutes like this? This is a typical morning.
To borrow a line from Rumpole of the Bailey, “she who must be obeyed”

It’s hard not to be a mama slave to these guys. cuties

Magazine Perfect Breakfast Nook

HGTV comes to life for me here. Have you ever daydreamed about a room or look you want and then actually got? Well, I did. In the vid I say the wrong state. The lamp came from Rhode Island and the designer is Tracy Glover. Fantastic stuff. Apologies in advance for the quick shot of the lamp.  We should have lingered on it. Check out my favorite house porn Renovation Style... hard to find, best to subscribe.

Happy home day dreaming!