The Time Breast feeding cover



This picture sums it up. What sells where. What they can get away with where.

I’m less concerned about my kids seeing this picture in the grocery store than the “look whose fat and has cellulite” tabloid crap by the chewing gum.  Those are body disorder makers. Also, this seems like another tool to get woman to gang up on each other.  Whether a woman breast feeds or not or for how long is no ones business.

I loved breastfeeding both of my kids.  My daughter about 2.2 years when we stopped.  My son was about 2. 5 years.

I do think that when a kid gets bigger it’s best to breast feeding private because everyone freaks out.  But, when my kids were little I always whipped at my breast as needed like a Russian peasant.  That is what they are there for.

Also, I disagree with the idea from Time that “Dr. Sears remade motherhood.”  But, if you have a big enough bed why not?  Rex sleeps with us almost every night.  I love it.  I have a teenage stepson so I know the time will come when he doesn’t want to eat dinner with us, let alone cuddle.

Besides, I’m married, it’s not like we have sex…much.

Later I did a video on this.


I Cry Uncle

I’ve been fighting the good fight and soldiering on as my mom would say, but I’m pooped.  Two kids, working, wifeager to my husband’s career, I can keep the balls in the air okay, but Rex waking up like he does is starting to CRACK ME. Crying babies in the night remind me of when I dated an alcoholic. At night is when is when he was his most belligerent, verbally abusive, showing erratic behavior, and then in the light of day he was full of life, smiles, buying me presents. Okay, Rex’s presents come wrapped in a diaper. But when he smiles at me and giggles, it’s like a lobster dinner.

Just called the pediatrician. I told her that after I had nursed him the in middle of last night, he would go down. I had to deal with Vivien having a bad dream and while I did that, Mark gave him a big, full bottle of breast milk. Rex then slept for almost 5 hours. Unheard of around here. So I asked the doctor, maybe I am not nursing enough for him? She said his weight and height are good, but babies go through growth spurts and to give him a bottle extra at night. I asked if I should throw in a little formula (the powder kind, not the pre-mixed stuff; he hates that) at bedtime. I think she said it’s okay, but honestly my memory ain’t what it use to be.

Just now he was fussing for nap time. I had been sucked clean, so I wrapped him up, pacifier, and vibey chair  (my go-to, sure-fire tool),  and he was crying. I did something I haven’t done… walked away. Let him cry. I could hear the chorus of “bad mother” in my head as I stayed away. And after 5 minutes… nothing. I crept in. He is asleep. All in the time it took me to write this.

So, time for Ferber at night? Any clues or suggestions on this time of life I would appreciate because I know I didn’t do much with Viv till she was 1. But then I wasn’t working… and I was able to hire some night-time help to ease the sleep deprivation problem.

Oh, the last picture is just Rex’s copious spit up… I gave up on dressing him by 12. He had gone through 4 outifits already.

World Breastfeeding Week

One of my favorite people to follow on twitter is Nicholas Kristof. He is a columnist for the NY Times, and his twitter just alerted me to  the fact that this week is world breastfeeding week. Kristof points out that encouraging breastfeeding can save lives in developing nations. Too often the discussion of breastfeeding is a tad myopic (like most things). As an avid breastfeeder, I liked being reminded of how vital it is in places where resources are limited. It’s not a choice issue like it is here; it’s vital.

I love the bonding time with my son, but I also use it as an excuse to read the morning paper and watch my TiVoed shows.  I nursed Vivien till she was about 2 years and 2 months. How lucky I am to be able to nurse in my calm, non-war-torn nation with Trader Joe’s a few blocks away. Color me spoiled.

So raise a breast this week; its importance can’t be underestimated.

I have shots of me breastfeeding but didn’t post them. I was a little uncomfortable with showing the world my areola, but more uncomfortable with the double chin I have when lying down. And I love this picture with my breastfed babies at a park we went to in Santa Fe.

Mother Inferiority Complex

Okay, now I don’t often feel in competition with moms. If I see a mom more patient than me, I give her credit for it. If I see a mom more crafty than me I say, “Gosh, I wish I did more art projects with my daughter.” But recently one mom really made me gulp. It’s my new friend Ellen who has FREAKISH AMOUNT OF MILK PRODUCTION.

This photo doesn’t do her milk supply justice. I was at her house, and she was about to move. She said, “I don’t know what we are going to do about my breast milk.” I was confused. She was moving very close by, and I thought, “Well, you throw it in a Coleman cooler with square of dry ice, and you are done.” Then she opened her freezer, and it was about 8 feet tall tower o’ milk. My eyes were saucers. Then she said:

“We have  a freezer in the garage that has the same amount.” What? She works all day 5 days a week and can pump at work. And boy does she pump. She has a lovely big and plump little 7 month old. His nanny says he takes in about 6 oz in a feeding. Woof. “I’m just finishing the December milk”

Now, I am no slacker in the breast feeding department. I nursed Viv for over two years. I have no problem getting milk for Rex, but I have maybe 4 to 12 bags of pumped in milk in the fridge AND the freezer at a given time. I suddenly felt about 2 inches tall in the mom department. I suddenly got how my friends who for one reason or another were not able to nurse their kids. Their milk didn’t come in; they had had breast reductions, whatever. I really think there is an innate confidence that comes with having milk for your baby. Like, yeah, I’m doing my job!

That night I dreamed of her milk. The next few days I practically was walking up to stranger, “You will not believe this woman’s milk supply.”  It’s a good thing she is a nice, modest person, or it could be annoying. You know, like your friend who always got A’s but didn’t brag about them?

Ellen said she was looking into donating the milk. Wonder if there is a tax deduction for that? ‘Cause for a mom who wants to get out of the house for a few hours, it’s as good as gold.

Blogging and Motherhood

Been on a blog semi-holiday since I’m still trying to get the hang of a newborn and having two children. Just when it seemed like I could handle it, the kids and I caught colds. Felt so bad that little Rex got sick. Vivien was nearly a year before she got sick. My body was impervious to all ills while pregnant, but now that nature took its protective coating off, I feel every ding and zing.

Here’s a photo of me trying to blog while Rex seemed like he was going to sleep and Viv was the park with a neighbor friend. A pacifier can be so helpful or such a pain. Here he wanted it, but every time it fell out he was crying. And it fell out every 10 seconds. Thus I was getting stuff done at 10-second increments. Hard to know when to binky and when not too. Maybe the present will help?

I am doing much better though then after Vivien. There is nothing like new motherhood when you are really in the “what the f%^&!!!” mode. The first two weeks with Rex waking up at 1 and 4 a.m. for feedings was no biggie. And I was so excited by him. But now, I’m nearly in a coma when I do. Mark is good about helping. I nurse, nudge him, and he takes Rex for burping and trying to get him back down. Rex is big enough that the doc says he doesn’t need to be woken up for feedings yet. Rex has not gotten this memo.

By the way, if I post blogs where I say the same thing multiple times, forgive me… I can’t remember what I have said or done…

Breast Diapers

Top of my list of “things people never told me about motherhood:” right after shaky nervous behavior, greater annoyance with spouse, and excitement when “The View” comes on is the nipple pads. I invariably forget them at some point. and poof there is the wet spot on another ruined blouse. Oh, that’s why new moms look a mess. You don’t want to wear nice clothes at this juncture.

And the pads are not well engineered. The always bunch up under my now 38 D’s! (Was a 34 B). And my big beef with the two different brands is WHY, OH WHY, ARE THEY INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED? It’s right to keep you virtual spoon-clean for baby, but at 2 in the morning when I’m out-of-my-head tired, and my nightgown is drenched with mother’s milk, I just want to shove the pads in and go back to bed. What is it? Children’s Tylenol? Tamper-proof titty pads are a big problem.
Oh, I need more sleep

Here You Come Again!

Here you come again!! My milk has come in, and I feel like Dolly Parton.

Hi! First blog since I got home. First time I have left my bedroom.  Boy, do I need makeup.. or more like a makeover.

Rex is such a good baby.. so far. Doing fine with getting up at 1 and 4. I wake myself up before he does. It’s more work to keep Vivien happy and included. She is an eager big sister, but I have to put her to bed, or she freaks.

Note the clean floors. I hired a person who came today to do it. No new mother should mop!!

Breastfeeding Chuckles

This falls right under the category of “Why didn’t I write this?” I felt the same way when I read the title of Chelsea Handler’s book, “My Horizontal Life.” (Although, then I read it and her horizontal life was filled with more boozes and lies than mine was, but great title.). Now, a title that fit’s with my mom life, “If These Boobs Could Talk.” As a committed breastfeeder for over 2 years I certainly could have come up with some humor to write down. But then there is that darn follow through thing!  Well, these ladies did it, bless their heart.

Creative Commons License photo credit: brooklyn

Here is their top ten:

Top 10 Things Breastfeeding Boobs Would Say

1. Since when are we open 24 hours?

2. Get the soothing gel. Get it now.

3. Sir, this is a “Babies Only” zone.

4. Kid, how can you not see our nipples when they’re the size of paper plates?

5. Woo hoo! We’re spraying across the room!

6. Wow, we look spectacular!

7. Wait, now we look like old gym socks.

8. Hmmm, do we hear a baby crying somewh…and there’s the milk.

9. Hey, we don’t get paid enough to work this hard.

10. Oh great. A tooth.

This is the perfect gift for a new mom.