Britney, Again

“Outrage from whom?” I wondered when looking at this Daily Mail headline? How about outrage towards the A-hole who has a camera trained so closely on this family at home? The article is trying to take issue with Britney Spears’ son “playing with cigarettes.”

Of course, when you see the pictures, it doesn’t take long for her to stop him from touching them. Whatever. Give the Britney thing a rest. She doesn’t have custody of her kids, she’s had a lot of problems. Time to let it go for awhile.  

According to the LA Times today, the paparazzi in LA are bummed ’cause she isn’t acting like a trainwreck anymore. In fact, she rarely leaves her house. I don’t either, and no one cares whether I’m commando or not. And the media is never as mean about errant dads as it is about moms that mess up.