I’m killing it here

I don’t usually brag about my parenting skills, but dang it, I think I’m being a very fun mom this summer.  Downside, there is little to no career development or my part time work getting done, I look like crap, but we have done: collages, tye dyed, gone to parks we don’t usually attend.  We have made cookies from scratch, had movie nights with my stove top pop corn.  We’ve gone to the beach and last week because of my big, little read blog I took my kids to a screening of “Smurfs 2”.   We went to my home land of Culver City on the grave of MGM studios, otherwise known as Sony.

We walked on the lot and over to the screening and party.   The kids happily climbed the Smurf mobile.

note: Rex made that shirt on one of our crafty days

I saw Brooke Burke.  She looked thin and chic, I had Fit Flops and a pony tail.  “Brooke, Daphne, Fashion Team”

"see you in a few years at Smurfs 2"

She had been on my show years before.  She was polite, but had no idea who was trying to say hi to her.  Then we went into the party part which was a tad crowded and had more fried food than I thought existed in LA county outside of the county fair.  There were fried mac and cheese balls.  Thankfully, both of my kids had no interest in that savory, though Viv did partake in other orange food while Rex wondered where the Smurfs were.  Once I got them seated ( stepped over some bodies) and they were drinking something blue  ( Smurfs, blue, get it?)  I saw that the there was some crafts to do.  I was secretly relieved that my kids had no interest in that either. A bunch of paint on my unstellar outfit, now how would that look?

As I walked herded  them toward the theater Rex started yelling “Papa Smurf”.  Step aside people, my son needs a picture.

yes, there was also blue frozen yogurt

We went into the screening room in the nick of time. We got good seats.  Some had to get on folding chairs.  The director and producer were there, which I thought sweet and showed that they get the influence of mom bloggers. I was on the aisle, so while the staff found some chairs for newcomers I gave the director the come hither with my chunky, rubber sandals and did an impromptu interview.  Raja Gosnell, kindly obliged.  My chief question, “How do you direct animation?”  I know I probably sounded like a rube asking that and not the savvy daughter of Culver City ( our motto is “Heart of Screenland”), but I did it anyway.

Raja: I direct the voice actors, “more angry, more sad, usual stuff. We also have live actors in the film, Neil Patrick Harris is in it you know?”  He was very nice, but might have thought, did you know not everyone in this movies is blue? (Nice he didn’t rejoin, “well, what the heck does a blogger do?”)

I was still thanking my lucky stars I had a real seat and had kind of forgotten about Dougie Howser turned celebrated all around great entertainer and out professional.  “Oh, yeah.” I nodded to the director.

Mr. Gosnell was very nice and I enjoyed our brief chat.  The producer was oddly sincere in his pre show remarks.  Having grown up here, most producers bug.  But, he seemed very pleased to have made a family film.  Sweet.

Vivien sat next to Brooke and didn’t remind her of our swimsuit segment from 4 years previous.  Maybe she didn’t want to bother Brooke, more likely it was because Vivien had no memory of the event.  I did, because I thought BB was very nice and the swimsuits for the little kids we were showing were way to “adult” for my taste.

wish we could have kept that cute frock

I clothe my daughter in swimsuits that look like WW1 is about to start.  No bikini’s for my lass.  So, I told Brooke she could take the suit home to her children.  Later, I found out the swimsuit “designer” asked for her suit back.  I was mortified. We all were.  All these little brands want to do is be able to say “so and so is wearing my stuff”.

wish we could have kept that pool. Vivien looks like she wants the ball

They pay for it. Here she could say BB’s daughter had her bikini and she asked for it back. Not done I tell you. I told the producer, Never use that “designer” again.  We didn’t.

Movie begins:  Loved it.  We all loved it.  My kids were enchanted.  I was engaged.  I like the blended family conflict in the  B story with the humans. I think those of us that are steps or people who are in adopted families will appreciate that part of the movie.  I’m sure this is not the kind of film that has critics raving. Screw them. It’s a good film for kids and the family.

Wouldn’t that be great if they used that quote in an ad?  “Screw them.  It’s a good film for kids and the family.”–coolmom.com

Next up, I’m planning some road trips.   OMG, I’m so fun.

Kate Gosselin on the Dancing show

I watch Dancing with the Stars every season.  Now, I watch it after it’s been DVR’d or Tivoed, because there is a lot I have to fast forward through ( results night?  boring) And thank god Samantha Harris is gone since she couldn’t improvise her way out of paper dress.  Brooke Burke is much better.  And BB was a guest on my tv show once, nice gal, Hi Brooke!

Now, Kate Gosselin is not a very good dancer. And I was kind of surprised when her partner Tony got all hot on the collar with her.  I mean he was practically sitting in Jane Seymour’s lap when she as on.  Think he loves the ladies and the ladies love him.  But, she is not a performer and think people are being a tad to mean about her participation.  I often root for the non dancers.  I man of course Buzz Aldrin is going to stand up to that sweet, gay Olympic skater ( what, he hasn’t come out yet?  oh, my bad), but I still like to see Buzz and his original wife on the sidelines.

Now, I will give the critics one point.  When she danced to Lady GaGa’s “paprazzi” and talked about being harassed by them I kept want them to pan to Pam Anderson going, “ah, yeah, hey over here, they follow me and I don’t complain.”  But, the producers set Kate up for that one.  I really doubt Ms. Gosselin was all, “hey, let’s throw down a bull fire number to that hot track from Lady GaGa”

I mean at least I know who Kate Gosselin is.  There are at least 5 people on that show I don’t have a clue who they are.  One’s from a soap, one is a football player and that Bachelor guy, ka-shoo.

Buzz’s departure was a bummer.  I hope they don’t vote off the known people who have a personality.  If the contestants don’t have any flavor then you know what it will look like? This season of American Idol.

Dancing With The Stars

I’m not ashamed to say I’m one of the 17 million that watches “Dancing With The Stars.” I have to TiVo it because I can’t stand watching the backstage interviews with that sub-par interviewer who has three questions she asks in rotation. “How much have you loved being on the show?” Sarah Palin should have Samantha Harris interview her.

Now, I taped this bit last week and I have to correct one thing. I said Brooke Burns when I meant Brooke Burke. I know the difference, but mucked it up. Burke is doing great on the show and she is a very nice person. I also neglected to mention what a star “Dame” Cloris Leachman is. She really made an effort Monday night.

If Rocco’s out, it’s not a shocker: that blouse will have cooked his goose.

Brooke Burke Visits The Fashion Team

As is so often the case when I meet a really skinny and beautiful mother of four, I wanted to find something about Brooke Burke to dish on. (Actually, I don’t know if I have ever met a skinny, hot mom of four.) Alas, she was very nice, professional and down-to-earth.

Brooke Burke and Daphne Brogdon on The Fashion Team

She was a guest yesterday on my show, The Fashion Team. I am always slightly fascinated when a woman who has had multiple babies still has a fab body. But she started with one, so there is that. Brooke also swears by her Taut, one of the products she has developed for would-be or new moms. Basically it’s like a girdle that you wear after giving birth, for 40 days. I said, “Isn’t that uncomfortable? I think it would make me even more cranky than I was.” She said she would take it off to nurse or if it was bugging her, but she believes it helped her get her figure back.

Her fourth child is 4 months old, and Brooke looks good. Almost as impressive was that she didn’t have that super-haggard look I associate with myself and other new moms. I was trying not to be obvious as I scrutinized around her eye and barely saw one line. She said having four kids is a challenge (and three isn’t?).

I asked her how the older kids dealt with a new baby, since I often wonder how I would handle that if I have another. She said she tried to make the older kids feel that the baby is theirs, too. Letting them hold it and if they are not holding it properly don’t yell at them, just change the holding in a gentle way. Sounds good to me.