Motherhood Ages You Like the Presidency

Spent some extra time in the editing room for this one.

Ironic having aging and presidency in the title after the death of the last patriarch of the Kennedys. But am i the only one that has noticed this phenom? Other than smoking and having Irish skin, I don’t know of anything that can age you more quickly than being president or being a mom. Another reason to have a woman president, what if one person were both!

Though I think it’s the early years… and months… that really do it to a gal. And waging wars we should have never entered into, that can really deepen the lines in the crows feet… and the soul.

Obama Mamas

Look, no one is happier than me that Bush is GONE.  I cried when the Supreme Court appointed him in ’00; I cried when he was elected in ’04.  I’ve been driving around with this sticker on my car for years…

Hmm… guess it’s time to take it off.  I voted for Obama and am happy he is President for historic and political changes.  But I can’t get in a lather about it.

My sister-in-law recently sent me all these political cartoons that should produce an “aw.”  Lincoln and MLK proud of President Obama, that ilk.  But I think now the combination of a very long campaign and the economy really hitting the fan has made this political junkie jaded and beat. Yeah, idealism is great, but can we please try to avoid double digit unemployment?  My job has been reduced; my husband is having to work hard to keep his business competitive in this new environment.  My condo in Florida is such a dog I’m begging someone to take it off my hands… no matter the loss.  I’m seeing more empty store fronts around my neighborhood.  So, big historical speeches. Yawn.

I like the more regulations for finance industry, the freeing up abortion rights, etc.  Keep it coming.  But do I keep having to listen to Will.I. Am?  I hope not.

Rah, rah, show me the money.