My favorite funny mom

Okay, when I did the cafe mom studios comedy show ( hit the previous words to see the playlist of the 5 that have posted so far)  end of last year all of the gals were funny.  BUT,  Vicki Barbolak won my heart.  My husband and I keep quoting her jokes. She was very sweet offstage and then brought the laughs on stage.  She won NIck’s “Funniest Mom” contest and for good reason.  Believe me, comics don’t LOVE other comics, and when I see lists of funny mom bloggers, I’m usually like, “eh, not so much”  But, Vicki is the real funny deal.  ENJOY.

how to talk with your teenager

Another exciting episode of my — I think– funny web series I did with Cafemom studios. This one is features my dear stepson Oliver.  He is not an actor by nature, but he was a good sport– and I paid him– to take part in this spoof of my pathetic attempts to be the B parent I can be.

NOTE:  the dub of him saying “mom” at the Dodger game was added in a later edit.  Not his voice, nor would he ever say that to me. He has a mom.  I’m always Daphne.  Or “stepmommy dearest”, maybe.  I think they needed to do that since I shot that part myself and the sound and picture were not optimum.