Driving Averse

I have to give fellow parent Mike (Amy’s dad) credit for this title. One day he said he was “driving averse,” and I thought, “That’s what I am.” It sounds so much better, “I hate to drive.”  ‘Cause it’s not hate. And in my life I have been happy to drive. Gosh, I use to drive between San Francisco and LA (almost 400 miles) every other week at one time in my life and thought nothing of it. (Sidebar: I used to get books on tape, mostly novels. One time I decided to get something to educate me, and it was something like “Make Your Life Financially Healthy” or “How the Stock Market Works,” something like that. It was so dull I almost drove off the road.  And then lost money in the stock market. Go figure!)

Happy to have a car, just don’t want to be in it a lot…

DVD in the Car

It’s been many weeks since Vivien and I got to jam around in the Traverse with the DVD player, but we are still trying to convince dad to go for the minivan.  Or rather I am, and I say, “Vivien really liked it.” Mark says “Oliver doesn’t want me to get a minivan.”  My reply: in less than a year he will have his license so he can pick his own car to drive.  Mark said recently, “What about a Scion?” Oh, that’s LESS geeky?

Trying Out a Minivan

This is me getting back to my roots… no, not that medium brown I’ve been covering up for years. Back in the ’90’s when I lived in San Francisco, I was briefly an automotive reviewer. I reviewed cars on a syndicated radio show and for a local magazine. The radio show had brought me in to consult but couldn’t pay me, so they said if they set me up with my own segment then magically cars would be brought to me every week that I would review. It was cool. A fresh, lovely car arrives; I drive it, and then poof, it’s gone after a week. I had a an old, red Mazda hatchback at the time, so I was thrilled to get into new cars.


When the radio show went belly up (maybe it was my consulting?), I hustled a spot in a magazine to keep the new car smell in my life. I had a thing called the Daph-o-meter:  “How many fairly good looking men turned to look at the car, assuming half the stares are for the car.” Thus, a red Honda Del Sol was off the charts; a minivan got a 2.  Ah, such different days that I would want a car for sex appeal. Now, it doesn’t even occur to me.


Anyway, I met a PR gal for GM, and right I away I was like, “Hey I use to review cars; let me try one out”. I really wanted to say, “Come on, your company is hanging by a thread. Give a super discount on a new car.” The lease on my husband’s Dodge tank is up in June, so I thought it was well timed.

A Sticky Subject? Results Are In!

Now this week’s Cool Mom Poll was something we deal with every day: the stickers on the car window. Putting up this poll really helped focus my thoughts on this issue. I was considering allowing the stickers to grow and flourish, in exchange for a little peace and quiet. But the “isn’t it enough my body will never look the same” contingent won out with you, and it won me over.

I peeled them off as best I could and Mark went out with soap and a rag and got the left-over sticker remains.

I must say I am impressed with the 13 percent of you who don’t even allow stickers in your universe. Gosh, how do you do that? It’s good to have some limits on what you can take.