Driving Averse

I have to give fellow parent Mike (Amy’s dad) credit for this title. One day he said he was “driving averse,” and I thought, “That’s what I am.” It sounds so much better, “I hate to drive.”  ‘Cause it’s not hate. And in my life I have been happy to drive. Gosh, I use to drive between San Francisco and LA (almost 400 miles) every other week at one time in my life and thought nothing of it. (Sidebar: I used to get books on tape, mostly novels. One time I decided to get something to educate me, and it was something like “Make Your Life Financially Healthy” or “How the Stock Market Works,” something like that. It was so dull I almost drove off the road.  And then lost money in the stock market. Go figure!)

Happy to have a car, just don’t want to be in it a lot…

DVD in the Car

It’s been many weeks since Vivien and I got to jam around in the Traverse with the DVD player, but we are still trying to convince dad to go for the minivan.  Or rather I am, and I say, “Vivien really liked it.” Mark says “Oliver doesn’t want me to get a minivan.”  My reply: in less than a year he will have his license so he can pick his own car to drive.  Mark said recently, “What about a Scion?” Oh, that’s LESS geeky?