Fluffy Cats


This might be the closest I get to being like the Zooboomfoo guys.

I’ve never been a cat person.  I’ve never had a cat.

When Cecily and I were little we begged our mom to give us a cat.  She would always say no.

Please we would beg.

She would say, “will you take care of it?”  We would both say, “yes, yes”.  At 4 I believed I what I was saying.  Cecily is two and half years older and she said internally she thought, “No, I won’t , you will mom.”  My mother must have been a mind reader because we never got a cat.

So we became the change we wanted.  We acted like cats. My mom would put milk in a saucer on the kitchen floor and we would lick it up.

Hey, don’t laugh I haven’t done that in.. a couple of years.

So, a situation occurred with a relative where they were unable to care for their cats.  We didn’t know if it was temporary or permanent, but we thought we better look out for them.  Rex and Vivien were thrilled.

Why We Don’t Have Pets

Okay, when you watch this vid imagine the last words I spoke were:

“Like me.”

I realized that should have been my tag… harder to “rewrite” a video.

I marvel at people who have babies and then not only have several pets, but puppies and kitties. That is so much NEED to deal with. Not sure how that all works and how the couch can withstand it. I’ve only had the kind of pets that can be contained in glass (rodents, reptiles). They are so lousy at playing catch.

You know how the name of your first pet is the first name of your porn moniker? Well, my first pet was a fish. Which I brilliantly named “Fishy.” Could you think of a worse porn name for a woman?