Nicole Sullivan

Hey, I finally got the rest of the vids edited that I shot at that event from a few weeks ago, when I spoke to Busy Phillips.  Here I speak with Nicole Sullivan, most well known as the funny lady from her stint on Mad TV. I met her at an improv festival back in the 90’s.  She was dating a friend of mine and people were whispering, “She just got cast on a new TV show, Mad TV”  aka, she hit the big time.  I think she was ready to move on from her date as well, at least that’s the vibe I got.

Anyway, I reminded her of our meeting like 15 years ago and interviewed her for the Fashion Team.  She is probably in an ad on this site right now as she has lost the baby weight from her second baby on Jenny Craig. I asked her about that and she said it helped her with portion control.

She is a very nice person and though it’s noisy, and the lights were going in and out back stage before the fashion show I think it’s a cute interview.  Moms, improv and chuckles.

Busy Philipps

I first noticed Busy as the wild single side kick to Courteney Cox on “Cougar Town”. Pretty and funny, I did not know that she is also a mom.  I was at a fundraiser for Joyful heart, Mariska Hargitay’s charity to help empower abused women. Sidebar, those heavy scripts she has to play on “Law and Order:SVU” (so heavy I can’t watch them) inspired her to start this organization.  So, they had a fashion show where TV actresses modeled vintage dresses with modern updates.  They all looked great. “The Fashion Team” was there for a story and I, ever the sneak, kept pulling out my little camera and taping stuff for Cool Mom. This is the first of three vids from the event.

By the way, Busy says that Courteney is honest about working on keeping her insane figure. “She hasn’t had a carb in 20 years.”  I so prefer that story then the “I eat burritos, and I have a fast metabolism” blather, which makes me want to shove an eclair in their face. No carbs for 20 years? Wow, that’s tough. But, then she is a millionaire, so there is that.

Busy is more charming, pretty and fun even than on her show. The sound is a little challenging. Oh, and it was provident that I ran into her because the night before my friend Heather (a fab, single gal) had gotten the “let’s just be friends” blather from a guy who seemed promising. She loves Busy, so I start it off with a shout out to her.

Tori Spelling Makes Her Own Baby Food

I watch this video with my third eye. I think, “Poor Daphne, she is really tired.” Which I am. Good thing I just went to Fantastic Sams for my blow out. Good hair helps mask the canyons on my face.

By the way, I have worked with Tori Spelling, and I liked her very much. So, this is not a dig at her per se. But more at the media’s “fab celeb mom!” type stories that have the rest of us wondering if we are doing it right.

Holly Robinson Peete: A Cool Mom Visit

Well, here is my new favorite. Holly was recently a guest on my TV Guide Network show, “The Fashion Team”. She, of course, used to be on “21 Jump street” and “Hanging with Mr. Cooper.” She and her husband created a charity to help people pay for therapy and such for people with Parkinson’s. She lost her father to the disease. He was the original Gordon on Sesame Street. She also has a son with autism. She speaks openly about this to help kids get diagnosed early and get the proper help. She said her son has benefited from from the therapy and care that they were able to provide, but many families can not afford it. So, even though she has 4 kids, she works on that as well. She was also candid about how families with autistic children have an 80% rate of divorce  (fortunately hers is going fine) and that awareness is especially important in the black community where it’s more taboo to talk about kids with LDs (learning disabilities).

In between dishing on the red carpet for the show, we had some good mommy chats. She is such a nice person. We talked everything from how to walk a red carpet (she says, she yells at her husband, “Don’t talk!  They will get your mouth in a weird position, and if we ever break up ,they will use it as picture to make it look like we were arguing.” So true.) to Madoff. Since she runs a charity she was so upset by the foundations that have been vanquished by the dirtbags.

So, I had my video camera on me… but it wasn’t working well. I managed to get part of a quick chat with her about finding some “me” time before they puled the lights and broke down the set.

Momversation: Did You Have a Birth Plan? gained our first celebrity guest panelist. Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell asks the mom bloggers if we had a birth plan. Think it’s cool that mainstream celebs want in on the mom blogger world. Note: Even though it’s a homemade video, Nancy’s skin still looks flawless. How does that work?

Please, No More Autographs

Well, now that Ringo Starr has announced he will no longer accept autograph requests, I think it’s the perfect time to say I have been dying to make this announcement, as well. Since I am a basic cable superstar, I have been inundated with requests for my time, advice, and even 8×10’s. It has gotten to the point where I receive these requests almost twice a year and I am crushed by the demand. Please, people, I am a mother, and an expectant one at that!  Since my Dr. Phil appearance, granted, I only received one email, but it was when Vivien needed her nap and I thought I might be having a Braxton Hicks, and I was trying to zone out with a People Magazine as I headed toward the can.  So please, give a girl a break.

Imagine how poor besieged Ringo must feel? Let alone Paul McCartney. I feel sorry for him, really.

My only question is, “What the hell is Ringo so busy with?”

Brooke Burke Visits The Fashion Team

As is so often the case when I meet a really skinny and beautiful mother of four, I wanted to find something about Brooke Burke to dish on. (Actually, I don’t know if I have ever met a skinny, hot mom of four.) Alas, she was very nice, professional and down-to-earth.

Brooke Burke and Daphne Brogdon on The Fashion Team

She was a guest yesterday on my show, The Fashion Team. I am always slightly fascinated when a woman who has had multiple babies still has a fab body. But she started with one, so there is that. Brooke also swears by her Taut, one of the products she has developed for would-be or new moms. Basically it’s like a girdle that you wear after giving birth, for 40 days. I said, “Isn’t that uncomfortable? I think it would make me even more cranky than I was.” She said she would take it off to nurse or if it was bugging her, but she believes it helped her get her figure back.

Her fourth child is 4 months old, and Brooke looks good. Almost as impressive was that she didn’t have that super-haggard look I associate with myself and other new moms. I was trying not to be obvious as I scrutinized around her eye and barely saw one line. She said having four kids is a challenge (and three isn’t?).

I asked her how the older kids dealt with a new baby, since I often wonder how I would handle that if I have another. She said she tried to make the older kids feel that the baby is theirs, too. Letting them hold it and if they are not holding it properly don’t yell at them, just change the holding in a gentle way. Sounds good to me.