On Momversation: What’s Up With Celebrity Kids?

This is not an advice-question for the Momversation team of mom-bloggers. But it’s one that I have often asked myself and friends: When did celebrity kids become such a big deal? And isn’t kind of weird? What’s the source?  Do people really want to know that much about small people who’ve done nothing to earn their fame? Are they not the Joe the Plumber of the tabloids? I found one article that says celebrity obsession is harmful to kids. But no study yet on what a fixation on Shiloh and Suri does.

What do you think?

Madonna Arms

I know it’s tawdry, but I do a have a passing interest in this Madonna divorce. What really caught my eye was a piece that said her super fitness was getting in the way of the marriage. I’ve long said I’ve wanted “Madonna arms” (Note the place they are in now: not saggy, but not Queen of Pop).

Daphne Brogdon flexing

She is 50 and has defied gravity and womanhood to prevent the arm flaps that start to appear in the late 30s (earlier if there is a weight issue). Well, now the truth the comes out: she gets perfect arms ’cause she works out FOUR HOURS A DAY. And she banned sugar and dairy from her home.  

Now, if I was performing in a corset in front of millions, I’d probably do the same thing, but having part of my body on basic cable doesn’t quite warrant such drastic measures. If I consistently worked out an hour a day and put half and half in my coffee, I think I’d be happy with the results.

But the ol’ “don’t envy people” is easy to find here. I do envy her arms, but her hubby allegedly saying the workouts got in the way of their life together is a big bummer. Or that he wanted to cuddle with more flesh.

Joely Fisher: Funny Mom

I’ve always had a soft spot for funny women. Since I like to think of myself as one of them, and I know that women in comedy don’t always get a fair shake. Cheri Oteri doesn’t get a movie deal and Jimmy Fallon does?

Joely Fisher co-stars with Brad Garrett in ‘Til Death on Fox. She plays a mom with teenagers, but in real life she has two young-adult stepkids (I can relate) and two young girls. She was on “The Fashion Team” yesterday and Lawrence and I loved her!

She had the usual earmarks of a good guest – amiable and up for anything. Sure, she’d chat about swimsuits and scented candles! But she brought her own unique bawdy sense of humor. Lawrence is known to be affectionate with our female guests and always has at least one segment where he dances and cuddles. Bless her heart when it was Joely and my turn to begin a segment together she said, “Let’s cuddle, too.” We discussed if she should cup my breasts as well, but nixed it for camera. Love someone who is so unafraid and takes risks with comedy which is crucial. Made me step up my game.

I already knew her darling sister Trisha from one of my favorite hangs, Treehouse Social Club. A brilliant place for moms where kids can play and take classes while moms get to eat real food! Like with a waitress and everything. For months, our Mondays were Miss Merideth ballet for Viv while Rayna the dear waitress brought me an espresso and a smoothie. Treehouse is where Vivien had her first ballet recital

I asked Joely for one bit of mom advice she would pass on to others. She said when her 7 year old daughter and 2 and half year old get into it, she leaves them alone. Or at least tries not to interfere. She thinks it’s better for them to work out their conflicts and relationship themselves. This resonated with me as so often my mom friends and I try to be UN Ambassadors a bit too much in play dates. My siblings and I beat each other up and now they are my best pals.