Cookbooks for a Cook?

Home cooks and foodies ask me what cook books Mark has. He has so many I made him throw lots out before our last move, and he still has boxes of them. But here are two that my sister Carole gave him for his birthday. One about old-school cocktails, natch. And somehow she got her hands on Pearl Bailey’s cook book.

Raise your hand if you remember Pearl Bailey. It’s great because it is written exactly how she use to speak. The recipes are not written out like a cookbook normally is. She just tells you how Pearl does it.

What a Chef Buys

People always say to me, “Oh, your husband is a chef! Does he cook for you every night?” No, works 5 nights a week. But one cool thing is he has upped my kitchen. This vlog shows you all the subpar crap I was happy to live with and the nice stuff Mark went and splurged on. It’s easier for him to spend money than it is for me… I’m kind of thrifty.