ADVERTISEMENT: Playdate snacks

What do you serve on a playdate?  Anything?  Do others serve you snacks?  Perhaps a game of bingo?  Oh, the one thing I’m looking forward to in the old folks home – bingo.  I love bingo.

Today Vivien was on a drop off playdate and I knew that she would be staying for dinner so I brought the mom some lovely nectarines that Mark had just gotten at the farmer’s market.  The kind that you have to eat within a day or they will go south, which meant they were really good. We also have to be careful of different allergies and preferences so offering food can be a landmine.  There is always tea..

Parenting can make you hungry.  What’s your playdate snack of choice?

ADVERTISEMENT: My Newest Party Pal

Not that I go to many parties anymore, but once in a while I venture out solo (easy to do when my husband works nights) and I have to get up to speed fast on social interaction with adults.  Or I can use this strategy…

How do you convince your kids to eat fun and healthy lunches? Submit your tip in the comments for a chance to win a lunch care package from General Mills filled with fun and healthy snacks for kids. I’ll be choosing my favorite tip at the end of this month, so keep posting your best suggestions in the comments.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Alexandra for her winning snack tip!