Art I Will Keep

I’ve griped about the mountains of artwork the kidlets bring home. Am I heartless for not wanting it all? I am saving a few things, or I’ll save things for a few weeks and then rotate them out.

Obama plate - preschool art project -

But this Obama plate she made at school recently is going in the archives. Think how excited I would be if my mom pulled out a McGovern plate I had made back in the day. And he didn’t even win!

This also cracks me up because it shows what a liberal bastion her preschool is. No parent complained.

Too Much Artwork

Okay, I’m outing myself again as a mean, uncaring mom. Here I talk about how I keep very little of Vivien’s artwork. Maybe it’s a reaction to my recent move and seeing how much of my own junk I have been carting from home, to college apartment, to countless apartments, and finally a house. Well, I did chuck a bunch out in this last move, but I know not NEAR enough.