Feeding Time

I also thought of titling this “Why Nursing Is Easier.” It shows what is going on at mealtimes. I still nurse, but am trying to feed him finger feeds and such three times a day, per doctors orders.

As I write this I’m so toast. Kind of ran out of places to get Rex down for bed in our current home. It’s late, and I haven’t even tried to then get Vivien down. I want to eat something first. I’ll write more when I’m not exhausted and my back doesn’t hurt. Oy.

Look Familiar?

You have served your kids dinner, and you are so TIRED that instead of making something for yourself you FINISH what is on their plates before you clean them and call it a day. Yes, I’m married to a chef, but 5 to 6 nights a week it’s real world around here. And dang it, homemade chicken tenders, leftover pasta, and day old green beans, not bad, not bad at all.

Note the cider donut mix. My friend Ella just brought that back to me from Vermont. She swore they were good, and I was wondering how different they could be from regular donuts.

I have a new project.