Ladies’ Night!

Better not to be the last girl left at the party. Remember toward the end of “Sex and the City,” there was an episode where Carrie is at a party and the last hardcore party girl is there? Party girl is bummed there’s no one to do drugs with her anymore. She says, “New York is so boring I could die.” And then she falls out the window.

Ladies\' night of Scrabble

Tonight I proved I am NOT that girl because I was so excited that I got to host my mom’s Scrabble night. The second Monday of the month, my mom and her best gal pals from church play Scrabble. I’m serious, I was psyched. I love games. Love games. And I like being social, but hate to leave my house or my daughter so it was a win, win, win.

Some highlights:

1. Drinking champagne and praying. When I was in college, I was usually hung over on Sunday mornings, trying to be one with The One. But at Scrabble night, a very respected church minister kicked off the game with a wonderful affirmation. I should have partied with these ladies years ago!

2. The cheating. Maybe it’s sanctioned, but Mom and company use these little Scrabble computers (they look like a calculator). You put in your letters and the machine gives you words you can use! No wonder my mom’s first turn she scored 112! I would score about a 20. I think they felt sorry for me.

I didn’t win, but I had a g-o-o-d t-i-m-e.