Lyogging ( a new word)


So the good news is the pain I had last week in my throat has abated considerablly, the bad news is I have mono.  Doctor says I’ll be fatigued for about a month.  I’m already tired, but now above the motherhood reason.  So I wanted to blog, but I need to go to bed.  So, thus Lyogging is born.  Lying down and blogging.


motherHere is the kind of crack analysis I’m doing from home right now. (you hit the “here” word)

So, Mono is passed through saliva, kissing, sharing utensils, cups, etc.  Here is where I think I got it… I was slaving away at the school fundraiser, auction, hoopla.  I find it kind of miserable.  There was almost no food and I had to do the live auction portion where no one was listening to me so I shamed friends from the stage into listening, “Phyllis, Phyllis I see you!”  It wasn’t really their fault as it was bad acoustics, but I was going to hell and taking everyone with me.  So, I was thirsty and traumatized.  A couple of times I grabbed some bottles of water and I was pretty sure they were not MY waters, but I was wiped.  So, it could have happened there.  Or maybe some barista was mad I didn’t throw a dollar in karma jar and spit in my coffee, who knows?  ( there is no instant karma and the suggestion that my good fortune is being held hostage by a pierced twenty something who majored in philosophy annoys me)angry barista

Last week I was in deep throat pain. ( Wait, that didn’t sound right.)  I missed out on the     “Chef” film screening we were invited to.  Mark liked it.

I’m not totally incapacitated.  I will rally for things I have to.  For instance, my cousin’s son wedding.  I’ll throw on some lipstick for that one.  As I was trolling their registry it reminded me of the vid I did about wedding china.  Which I think is funny, but dang worth it, for that little Rex! One of the hardest things about Mono is holding back kissing these little cuties!

Sadly, I doubt many caught in the California fires had a chance to grab their china.  It’s really global warming exhibit A right now.  I grew up here and IT”S NEVER been this hot in May.  In fact our June gloom usually starts in May.  It’s Flipping Scary.  Other than turning off lights I’m a little stymied as how I can help our world not become a permanent inferno. Then king dumbass Marco Rubio said he doesn’t “believe” that humans contribute to global warming. Science isn’t a belief, junior.  He also said he is ready to be president.  He can’t mean our country, he must mean Florida Kiwanis.  If they’ll have him.

Oh, geez,  that guy is a Senator? Too sad.  I better go back to bed.. back to lyogging




two cents tuesday 9-28-10

My Two Cents is shorter this week and I will tell you why.  I had to evacuate my house yesterday.  Los Angeles had the hottest day on record.  They have been keeping record since 1877 and yesterday it broke the thermometer.  Literally.  It hit 113 and then broke.  They think it got hotter, but can’t say for certain.  My car temp said it was 118 and later 115.  I grew up here and I have never felt heat like that hear.  There was one end of summer that was a runner up in the late ’70’s where my mom and sister and I just lay flat on the floor of our family room trying not to move.  That was pretty bad.  But, yesterday was very scary.

Our air conditioner broke.  The AC guy said he couldn’t fix it till it had been off for 24 hours.  I tried to keep writing at my desk, but my computer is in the hottest part of the house.  The coolest part is Oliver’s closet.  He came over in the afternoon with a gal pal and I was sitting in his closet.  Mark joined us and we all had a pleasant visit.  Meanwhile, my very nice landlords booked us into a nice hotel nearby.  It was 89 degrees INSIDE my house when we left.

I can’t say it was a great night sleep for me as each of my kids woke up at one point and demanded I shift beds to be with them.  I was too tired to move Rex to his tiny crib so I left him on the bed he had fallen asleep on, as it was low to the ground and I surround him with pillows as a barrier.  But, at about 4am I was awoken from my deep sleep by a thud followed by a cry.  Rex had fallen! Yikes.  I nursed him back to sleep. After our $50 breakfast we had a short drive to Vivien’s school.

Mark had dragged Campanile’s AC guy to our house very late and he got it working.  Said it was a dirty compressor.  Praise the working AC!

So, my two cents is this: global warming is real.  People who work against us trying to minimize it’s damage REALLY piss me off.  What kind of world will our children live in?  Mad Max?  Even if one is skeptical–and I do not know why one would be– all the things to minimize our carbon footprint just make sense on their own.  We only have one gas powered car, guess what?  We save  money.  We both walk more because of it. Last time I checked walking was good for you.  Trying not to use to much water or electricity?  Saves you money. Now, we don’t want to live like cave people, they didn’t have air conditioning, but the US has a giant carbon footprint that needs to be dealt with.

My California wrath is directed at the knuckle heads supporting big oils prop 23.  It would gut AB 32.  what is that?

“Passed by the state Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2006, AB32 has set a goal to reduce California’s emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to 1990 levels by 2020 and by 80 percent by 2050.

To reach these goals, regulations are being created that would require cleaner cars, more energy-efficient buildings and appliances, and power plants that use alternative energy sources like wind instead of older fossil fuels.”  Read the rest

They want this suspended until California’s unemployment goes down to 5%.  Fat Chance that’s happening anytime soon.  We have over 12% unemployment in some parts of the state.  Also, this country should be refocusing on green technology because China sure is.  Do we want to buy everything from China?


Did anyone hear the ambassador to the Seychelles on NPR saying they will be a failed state in 50 to 100 years because of climate change?  Very powerful.  Their coral is bleached and dying, the island is sinking.  He said he had given up on world leaders doing anything and he was now talking to the people of America and other countries directly.  We have to put the pressure.  Don’t let them hide behind the BS of job creation.  That just means bigger profits for a few fat cats.

Okay, that’s my two cent rant for today.