The Mother shoe has landed

This video was done MONTHS ago.  My dear friend Michelle shot it and then had to move, and well, you know what happens when you move. Mayhem.

It was inspired by a call from The Walking Company.  “Would you like to try a pair of our shoes? We have a Dansko Pro XP that are exclusive to us that have generated quite a bit of buzz ”  You mean the shoes that back when I was single I wouldn’t be caught dead in?  The shoes that my husband the professional chef wore for years because he works on his feet all day?  HAND THEM OVER!   Provident because my infamous red clogs had gone missing.

Watch the vid, enjoy, it’s fun.  And let me say.  The Danskos are now an integral part of my life.  Comfy, give me a little height, perfect for mom on the go!

NOTE:  the only think I don’t like about this vlog is my slatternly appearance.  Michelle is such a nice person she doesn’t see when I look like a train wreck.