I care about Obamacare

I’d do a video about this, but I have a cold, dirty hair, no make up, pasty.   I look like a neighbor of Honey Boo-Boo’s. Rex and I are home sick today.  Nothing that we need a doctor for, but glad to know if we need one we can get one. Our family pays for it.  A lot.  Least we have it.

I would prefer a more European model– wait- rest of the entire world model– of cradle to grave coverage.  Would taxes go up, probably, but 1) the US middle class is STUCK.  Upward mobility is not what it use to be and people need to be covered. 2) let’s change resources from the military industrial complex.  I know, I’m a big hippie with big dreams. I also want people I don’t even know to have coverage.

But, I also hope for a day when bakeries in the US don’t put sugar sauce on everything and emphasize baked goods with cheese like they do in Europe. Hmm, cheese.

My finger is hovering over the keyboard to sign up because it will probably save us a few hundred a month.  Not a lot, but something.

I do not understand the Ted Cruz’s of this USA.  How are people suppose to get care?  Do they not know anyone who was ever denied coverage?  Its it just survival of the fittest for them?  I don’t get it.

Let’s join the rest of the world and give our citizens at least basic healthcare coverage. Let’s join the 20th century, a century late.

Oh, and let’s join the majority of the world and stop routinely circumcising baby boys.  But, that’s another post..

Cough, cough.

WOW You Look Amazing

If you are like me right now your self image is at an all time low.

IF you are like me the holiday food and spirits is sitting in your gut (which your husband just called “puffy”).

If you are like me you have been unable to exercise much because your kids are home, or it’s quite cold and or you have been to busy with family stuff.

If you are like me you have a hacking cough that has lasted weeks. This cough has spread to all parts of your family.

If you are like me you have been up in the night with one of your kids because they are sick.

If you are like me this cough is so bad that you threw up in the Best Buy parking lot ( sorry person who pulled in the space after me).

If you are like me your cough is so bad that your post childbearing body turned on you and you pissed in your pants.


( Note: Vivien is wearing the dress she created on www.fashionplaytes.com.  A great site for little girls)

Well, when life gets you down, you have to turn it around, right?  So here is a short, self help moment for all of us.  ( Jo McGinley, my friend, guest stars)