Halloween on the Fashion Team

Oh, look at the little doggy! ┬áHe cried if I put on the part that went on his head, but take my word for it it’s a doggy costume. Rex’s second appearance on the Fashion Team. The first was when he was 9 days old ’cause momma can’t miss a paycheck.

Vivien was suppose to have appeared as Sleeping Beauty, but that’s was when we were afraid she had the flu. Rex was very good and didn’t cry. The baby to the left of him is Easton, our Executive Producer’s baby. He is about 10 weeks older than Rex. When we brought out the real dog and their costumes Rex grabbed Easton and held on to him. It was so cute. But I was next to Rex; I’m not the world’s worst mother. And he did get to keep the outfit.

If you can set your DVR for The Fashion Team this week (it repeats a bunch of times.) If you miss it, in a week or so it ends up on hulu.com.

Wednesday I’ll show you what I wore. Kind of funny.