Mommy Gossip

Moms rarely every gossip about clothes or anything men see as the sport of gals. It’s worse – we are judging your parenting. The mommy judge brain is always sizing up the children and their parents, especially those that moms who never come to their kid’s classes or extra curricular activities.

Look, sometimes those classes are dull, but I really like seeing how Vivien grows and develops. And since I put her in dance class, I think I have to make an equal commitment to it. Unless of course I am staying home to make mad, passionate love to my husband. Huh, psych!

Ballet Mom: Have I Gone Too Far?

Vivien the sad ballerina

Just one look at my forlorn beauty has made me question the upcoming ballet and recitals. Should I have stopped at one class a week, or the two classes we take (“we” because I take her to them)? OR should I have gotten the cute outfits, but not had her perform in the recitals?

She always enjoyed the class. Well, she started when she was 22 months and the first few weeks she sat in my lap, but then she got into it. She takes one class on Monday with Miss Meredith and one on Wednesday with Miss Sophie. Now they both have recitals. Miss Meredith’s is tomorrow night. It’s more rehearsed.

I know I’m more hardcore than other ballet moms. The other day was a typical rehearsal, where they stared blankly at Miss Meredith and only followed a few steps. The moms all clapped and Vivien rushed into my arms, “I did it, I did it!”

I said, “You did do a lot of it, but we still need to work on the curtsies and the p-ks.” ( I can’t spell the French word, but that’s what it sounds like.) The other moms chuckled. I should be honest, right?

This picture is for her Miss Sophie dance recital. That class is a little looser, but the show will be at a big theatre and that costume cost $50, and tickets are $20 a piece. I bought $300 dollars worth for the family, the $20 DVD, and there have been photo sessions for the big night. Vivien was so excited at home to put the outfit on. But once we got to the studio she folded like a deck of cards. The teacher and I were making faces and saying, “Vivien, look here,” as she went more and more in on herself. I can’t blame her; I was the same way when as a child, I got to go on the set of “Medical Center” and meet Chad Everett. I was all excited till I was face-to-face with Chad. My face is down in that one, too.

This ballet thing seemed so cute, but is she too young to have expectations and goals? I don’t think so. And I’m going to do another go around on the photo session this weekend. Just in case I can get the happy ballerina picture for the hallway.

Photo credit: Al Unger