I’m popular where?


So, I was trolling my stats on my YouTube channel.  They are interesting, but usually a chuckle as they differ from the stats from my site.  Here I have largely female viewers.  The most popular videos are those dealing with parenting issues.  But, on YouTube over 60% of my viewers are men.  My number video, has been for two years, “Sliding nursing pads.”  Just the suggestion of titty gets them to click. Or maybe they are fans of “Dancing with the Stars.”

I also know that most of the people who come to this site, and my YouTube channel are living in the USA.  Makes sense. But, what I didn’t know is the country which gets the silver medal for viewing coolmom vids is…PAKISTAN.  Not by a little, almost the exact same amount as the USA.  What?   Here is the ranking.


United States
United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia
United Kingdom 10. Thailand

those last countries suffered something in the copy and paste journey.  Pakistan is only 700 views behind the States.  Countries 2, 4 thru 7 are Muslim countries.  Is Cool Mom illicit for some men? Who am I kidding!  If it was I’d have many more subscribers. Maybe  In more restrictive societies is it fun to see my stained shirt.  Hey, maybe it’s nothing perverse, maybe it’s what’s great about the internet that there are common threads to all our lives that we can relate to no matter who we are, what language we speak or what terrorist is hiding in our suburbs. Hmm, further study shows that of my “fans” in Pakistan 90.9% of them are male aged 25 to 54. Maybe it is the milk stain.

You know the only country out of these ten where more women watch my vids than men?  Thailand.  I think of myself as kind of Erma Bombeckish so it seems strange, or maybe it’s that You Tube has all these gamer guys and at some point they click around and listen to me tell jokes about being a room parent.  I was worried when I posted that vid, not because of my cleavage, but because I looked like I was holding Rex like he was a wet rag.

Maybe I should try to get a TV hosting job in Pakistan.


Baby food …

So many things to get to in life… Like perhaps picking up the dry cleaning that I dropped off about 5 weeks ago.  Or perhaps I should write down some of Rex’s milestones, instead of just musing on them as I drop off to sleep…at 8:45pm.  True, I can’t even stay up for Dancing with the Stars anymore– even with Florence Henderson, I’m just too tired.

Well, this is another thing I finally got around to.  How long did you keep your baby food?


While working in NYC, I ran into Mr. Rocco DiSpirito at dinner last night. I yelled out, “Hey Rocco, I’m Mark Peel’s wife.”
He replied “Yes, you are” which was cute since he’s never met me before.

Feel like I knew him since my husband does and he was on Dancing With The Stars. He was fun to talk to. He said being on DWTS was harder than doing Iron Mans! I showed him pictures of my kids and then we were seated at different tables.

After a little wine I started to feel a little insecure in this big room full of new people so I sought Rocco out. “Hey, you are now my oldest friend here. I think I look good, yeah.”

“Let me see,” he said teasingly. “Yeah you look great…and you’re funny. I knew you’d be funny.”


“Because you’re married to Mark and he has a great sense of humor.”

Sure is good to see homefolk.

Wish me luck emceeing Digital Content Newfront today in front of a lot big wigs!

Josie Maran

This little sprite of gal, model Josie Maran was on The Fashion Team last year.  She had just been bumped from Dancing with the Stars (first one off, ouch) and was launching her green cosmetic line.  A year later she came back and has been selling her line like gangbusters.  She has also been helping fellow Momversation panelist Rebecca Woolf with her five minute makeovers. Here she dishes on DWTS experience, being a working mom and touts her Argon oil.  Okay, QVC gal, I’m sold!  Well, actually she gave it to me, but I’ve been slathering it on my face night and day.

I wonder if I put it all over my body, will I look like her in a swimsuit?

Kate Gosselin on the Dancing show

I watch Dancing with the Stars every season.  Now, I watch it after it’s been DVR’d or Tivoed, because there is a lot I have to fast forward through ( results night?  boring) And thank god Samantha Harris is gone since she couldn’t improvise her way out of paper dress.  Brooke Burke is much better.  And BB was a guest on my tv show once, nice gal, Hi Brooke!

Now, Kate Gosselin is not a very good dancer. And I was kind of surprised when her partner Tony got all hot on the collar with her.  I mean he was practically sitting in Jane Seymour’s lap when she as on.  Think he loves the ladies and the ladies love him.  But, she is not a performer and think people are being a tad to mean about her participation.  I often root for the non dancers.  I man of course Buzz Aldrin is going to stand up to that sweet, gay Olympic skater ( what, he hasn’t come out yet?  oh, my bad), but I still like to see Buzz and his original wife on the sidelines.

Now, I will give the critics one point.  When she danced to Lady GaGa’s “paprazzi” and talked about being harassed by them I kept want them to pan to Pam Anderson going, “ah, yeah, hey over here, they follow me and I don’t complain.”  But, the producers set Kate up for that one.  I really doubt Ms. Gosselin was all, “hey, let’s throw down a bull fire number to that hot track from Lady GaGa”

I mean at least I know who Kate Gosselin is.  There are at least 5 people on that show I don’t have a clue who they are.  One’s from a soap, one is a football player and that Bachelor guy, ka-shoo.

Buzz’s departure was a bummer.  I hope they don’t vote off the known people who have a personality.  If the contestants don’t have any flavor then you know what it will look like? This season of American Idol.

Dancing With The Stars

I’m not ashamed to say I’m one of the 17 million that watches “Dancing With The Stars.” I have to TiVo it because I can’t stand watching the backstage interviews with that sub-par interviewer who has three questions she asks in rotation. “How much have you loved being on the show?” Sarah Palin should have Samantha Harris interview her.

Now, I taped this bit last week and I have to correct one thing. I said Brooke Burns when I meant Brooke Burke. I know the difference, but mucked it up. Burke is doing great on the show and she is a very nice person. I also neglected to mention what a star “Dame” Cloris Leachman is. She really made an effort Monday night.

If Rocco’s out, it’s not a shocker: that blouse will have cooked his goose.

Meeting Karina Smirnoff

I keep meaning to write about this. A couple of weeks ago, Karina Smirnoff of “Dancing with the Stars” was on my show, The Fashion Team. I love “Dancing with the Stars” and always admire the leanness of the dancers’ bodies. Imagine having NO back fat!

Karina Smirnoff and Daphne Brogdon at The Fashion Team

Karina was so sweet and still so heartbroken over her break-up with Mario Lopez. Yeck, yick, blech. His half-naked body was all over the cover of the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine, so her publicist was rounding them all up in the studio so they wouldn’t be face up as Karina walked into the green room or the dressing room. Like being a good girlfriend.

At one point after we bonded I told her, “You can do better than Mario Lopez. He is coming off as a big narcissist with all his naked body pictures.” She was wistful and said, “For two years, I was so in love, I didn’t see it.” Me: “Well, that’s what your 20’s are for. Now, onward and upward!”

I told her about my blog and said, “Look, mommies don’t look like you and don’t go on big dancing shows, but what’s your advice for some easy glam tips?” She said lip gloss and Scott Barnes body glow. I’m a firm believer that a spray tan makes you look 10 pounds lighter, so I am sure she is right.

On the show, I asked her if she was bummed when as a dancer they get stuck with a turkey partner, like Penn Jillete. She was kind and said you never know who is going to do well. They must be though, as they get paid per week, and if Monica Seles (video) is your partner, that’s a slim payday.  Whenever the show starts up again, I will be rooting for Karina.

Dancing with a Toddler

Here’s what a dork I am. I just frittered away a good ten minutes of my life looking up the bios on Dancing with the Stars, and not just the celebs but the dancers and the judges too. I mean who is Carrie Ann Inaba anyway? I also wanted to know who that hot Latin “star” was. He was in the first season of Ugly Betty. He played the photographer who pretended to be in love with Alexis the transgender sister of Daniel.

As a host I can be very critical of my brethren. Initially I thought Tom Bergeron was a generic, white man, tool. But, he has impressed me with his ability to improvise. Samantha Harris is annoying just because she has great arms and a tiny figure 4 minutes after giving birth. Her job is kind of thankless. How many times can you ask, “The judges were kind of hard on you out there. How do you feel?”

I love DWTS. It’s a show I can watch with my daughter because it’s not scary (she can’t distinguish botched plastic surgery) and we often get up and dance during the show. Lately, DWTS and Ugly Betty are the only shows Vivien allows me to watch –with humans–without whining. It’s hard for me to even get to American Idol this season. After 5 minutes she says, “Momma, I no like this show.” And my old favorite Hardball? Forget about it! Not enough movement.