Hillary Hits It Out Of The Park (Bonus!)

I could not be more proud of Hillary Clinton. Her speech Tuesday night was picture perfect. I had been waiting to see it for days.  As an HRC supporter I knew she’d be good, but she exceeded my expectations. And it did hurt a little knowing she came this close…


I had trouble watching it since Vivien was in a cranky mood and I gave her chocolate cake just so I could watch the speech that I told her, “is really important to mommy, and you can watch Diego in the other room if you want.” She proceeded to make a mess–I didn’t care–but Mark did, so he took the cake away prompting her to flail her body on top of mine. I kept pausing the opening movie and saying, “I said this is important to me!!” After a body blow to my back I jumped up, “that’s it, I said this was important to me.” I then ran to my room, shut the door behind me, and watched the speech by myself.

My stepdaughter Vanessa was more fortunate than I. She saw the speech from the upper reaches of the floor of the convention, where she said Bill Clinton was crying as Hillary spoke. I am so excited (i.e. jealous) that she actually got to be there. She sent me the above picture from her vantage point.


I am so proud of Hillary for her accomplishments they are considerable. She didn’t win the democratic nomination, but she is more than ever her own iconic political figure and has established a standard for future woman candidates. What a great role model for our daughters. A woman educated, well spoken, and has the guts to take on the boys. After having gone through being publicly humiliated by her husband (I wish Elizabeth Edwards could have a similar triumph), she did what she exhorted in her speech, “to keep going.” Using Harriet Tubman was genius.


And how about all the funny?  She had some great lines, “sisters of the traveling pantsuits,” Twin cities, “cause they are so much alike,” and how could you forget, “no how, no way, no McCain.” I spoke to a pro Hillary friend who said, “I can’t put an Obama sticker on my car, but I can put that line on my car, I’m going to make a bumper sticker out of the that.” The DNC should as well.


She hit all the notes she needed to. Paying tribute to her campaign and her supporters, but so personally transitioning to the next phase, support for Obama. I loved it when she said, “were you in this campaign just for me?,” how magnanimous to take that tact. She rightfully placed the campaign in a larger context. (Hillary could have mentioned the Supreme Court as well, the only thing she did miss).


Didn’t she look like she was having fun? Didn’t she make it look easy? If you watch like I do–on CSPAN– 90% of the speakers are not that great, the same old examples of sad people, no kicking up the crowd, or attacking the GOP. Hell the Democrats are going to get skinned next week!  Mark Warner, was okay, but no keynote, some good themes, but hardly going to fill the voter registration roles with that performance. The best opener and middle act for Hillary were Dennis Kucinich (congressman from Ohio, who I’ve always loved for speaking his mind and wanting to impeach Cheney), and Brian Schweitzer, Governor of Montana.

I don’t think anyone is going to top Hillary’s speech for me. One large factor is, none of them are going to be from the first EVER viable female candidate for President. I am looking forward to Bill and Biden tomorrow night. But, I might get a sitter and go to a friend’s house to watch that one.

Political News

This makes me so sad, the sudden passing of Stephanie Tubbs- Jones. She was very gutsy out supporting Hillary Clinton in the primary, she was going to go to the Democratic convention and support Obama. Like my big, big favorite, Shelia Jackson -Lee, she stuck with Clinton even when other African American politicians fell away. In general there are not enough women in public office, what a shame to lose her, and at such a young age just 58.

In this April 10, 2006 file photo, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, ...

Wed Aug 20, 1:57 PM ET

Since we are talking politics… I’ve been spewing to anyone who will listen that Obama has lost the golden touch in the last month. As annoying as McCain’s “I will follow (Bin laden) into the gates of hell” line is, he’s gaining some steam with his sound bites. Obama has to many “um, you know, uh” long sentences. Hello, two terms of “W,” keep it simple!

My take is, Obama has already gotten all the people who are in love with him. That is how he got through the primary, but that well has been tapped. In order to win he has to get the “I Hate Bush” people. They include conservative Democrats, Moderates and even Republicans. He has to make this a referendum on Bush, not Obama. He also needs to keep running ads with McCain hugging Bush, and for God sake, get Hillary to coach him on the debates. If he wants to keep his professor thing going, fine, but get some zingers off! And be a fighter.