Sponsored: Amazing Little Movers: Leighton, James & Charlotte

Okay, this one is pretty cute. It’s a lot of babies, and it was fun to play sports anchor with Rebecca Woolf. I did three of these so watch for them.  We do use Huggies, so this was a natural fit. Ah! A Pun.

The basic message here: 1) Huggies fit your kids well and lets them move; and 2) if you do buy Huggies they have a number you plug in online and earn points to get stuff.

The fun for me was to see my Momversation moms IN PERSON.  I wish we had more of those.  It’s much easier to talk when we are in the same room. Also, I went into an office to do these.  Felt very grown up – “I have to go to work.”


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Earth Day Diapers

Since it is Earth Day, I have to be honest. I do turn off lights or try not to turn them on. I unplug things that aren’t in use (except for big guzzlers like the computer and TV ’cause I think it will all explode if I try to undo it and have to hire someone to restart it all). I buy locally, unless I’m really craving some fruit in the winter that they grow in Chile and jet up here). I have an electric car (but it’s not that safe, so we rarely drive it), and we have dialed down the sprinklers. I take reusable bags to the grocery store (when I remember). Hmm, guess I could do better. And this vid is about another green flaw of mine. What are you doing that’s green?  Or not?

Senior Moments

Well another episode for my “Sandwich Generation,” vlog. My dad went back into the hospital. I broke him out already as it turned out not being serious. I was noticing the change in my reaction and behavior to this “Health Emergency” as opposed to 18 months ago when his health first hit the skids. (this picture is from right before his decline) Back then, the moment something occurred involving my dad’s health the muscles on my back and neck would get as taut as the cables on a bridge. It was all I could do to focus on Vivien, who was farmed out quite a bit to other caregivers as I raced around town for my dad, or made calls on his behalf.

This time, I took a deep breath, more calmly assessed the situation, and was again reminded how grateful I am that I am not an only child.  My sisters, mom and brother-in-law Kevin, have all pitched in for my dad over the last couple of years.  Before if I was more involved with my dad one day I might get resentful, now I know we all take our turns. I have it down.

I know how to be sweet as honey to the nurses—“HOW THEY DO THEIR JOB I DON’T KNOW.”  I also know when to be direct and take notes when speaking with the doctors. Now when we speak to doctors we only have one family member talk to them and then have a telephone chain explaining the conversation with the rest of the family.

This go around, before I went to the hospital for the second day of this health emergency, I worked out and got my nails done. Giving over my life to health issues doesn’t seem to be a winning formula for me, or my life.

The part I can’t get use to is seeing my father so diminished. I can’t get use to the crazy guy in the hospital room next to him who WOULD NOT STOP SCREAMING. I had a flash of understanding elderly abuse. I can’t get use to being that close to my father’s personal self and then having to say to my dad lying in his hospital gown, “Hey dad, cover the franks and beans will you?” I’m not use to the smells, when I drop my dad back at his assisted living “home” almost gagging at the smell in his bathroom, “um, excuse me, can someone please come and clean this place?”

The thing about it is, I don’t want to get use to it.

Sandwich Generation

There’s the old adage that tragedy plus time equals comedy. I’m not far enough away from the subject of being a mom and having an aged parent to make this a big knee slapper, but I think there are a couple of chuckles. Especially since many of us are not having kids right out of high school, I have a feeling I might not be the only one dealing with being part of the sandwich generation.

Hmm, another reason I should have gotten knocked up in college – a vibrant grandpa!