Next week

Okay, peeps, next week I’m off to NYC.  First and foremost to emcee Digital content newfront which brings together online advertisers and content providers (refer to earlier comments about how I need to monetize this site).  I was very pleased to be asked.  And I will be also shooting some stuff for The Fashion Team.  I am going to be covering the Ffany’s.  What? you don’t know what it is? Well, until my gbff Michael told me about it, I didn’t either.  But, it’s the shoe equivilent of fashion week.

It’s going to be action packed and I doubt I will have any social/fun time.  I have to admit that I don’t feel guilty about going. This is a first.  But, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my kids and it’s nice that Vivien is old enough to get the “mommy comes back” idea and I will have that tug when I go to walk out the door.  But, honestly, kind of looking forward to a little break.

While I am gone I’m going to try to thumb out some stuff on my phone, but not sure how well that will work. So, Tuesday I’m going to have Amanda from Crabmommy guest blog for me.  She was my first mom blogger friend.  She used to blog at Cookie magazine (RIP) and I always enjoyed her sassy, no apology voice.

Cute picture of Rex and his young mom, huh? I photo shopped the hell out of my face.  This is how I look in my idealized brain.  Maybe if I had had him at 24.  Which I so didn’t.  Oye.

It’s almost summer! OMG!

Rex is better

I can see clearly now…the rain, you know, it’s gone.

We had our post op appointment with Rex and all has gone well.  He should be in far less pain now.  The smile is back on his face. These pictures were taken the morning of his surgery and Vivien offered him different toys to see which one would bring him comfort.

Of course, nervous mom forgot all of them.  But, we were there as soon as he woke up from surgery, so I think it was okay.

To celebrate I took him to the park so he could run around.

“Go, Rex go. You’ve been cooped up long enough”.

I really couldn’t think about anything else for this past week unless it was really simple.  Bagel or cereal, cream or half and half.  More than that was a struggle.  And I found it very hard to be funny.  I’m emceeing Digital Content Newfront in NYC next week, a day long affair that brings online content and would be advertisers together.  I was working a funny video with Digitas to run at the event and just couldn’t wrap my head around it.  I finally called a comic friend and just talked about it and then the engine fired up. But, I needed a jump start. I also just needed to talk about something else.

This only reinforces the respect I have for parents who have chronic illnesses, or serious problems.  Geez, it’s all consuming and I’m exhausted. But, so relieved.