hot lunch when you want a cold one

Been breaking out my kid’s packit’s for camp this week.  Yes, I did send Viv to a short camp.  Camp Daphne had too many battles over TV watching.

My commerical is running again.  No, I don’t get a cut of the bags, but I do like them.   I also love professional lighting.  Looks a tad better than my homemade vids.’

My commercial!

You know what a fan I am of the commercial that stays with you for years (Tarnex anyone?).  Well, I hope my commercial for Packit has some lasting power.  Packit was invented by two single moms and they are hoping to go big time with their invention by making a direct marketing commercial.  They asked me to be the spokesperson.

Here is the commercial.

In a nutshell, it’s a lunch bag that keeps food cold for 10 hours and collapses in your freezer when you aren’t using it.  I do put yogurt smoothies in Vivien’s bag now that she has one  ( she loves the pink polka dot one).  My mom takes her lunch to work in the red one.  She eats very healthy so taking her own food to work is a good fit for her.

Check it out and Pack it!

( by the way I got a flat fee for the commercial. If they sell one or one million I won’t get anymore, but I like the gals that created it and I like the product)