Spanking Someone Else’s Kid

Okay this story is not your normal “disciplining someone else’s kid.” More like abusing someone else’s kid. That was my launching point for this vid. But, like I’ve told you, I’m not always that rested, and honestly, this is not one of my strongest ones. It’s like I forgot to end it. Instead, I just ended it.

Help me out: write an ending to this video. I’ll try to be more with it on the next one.

No Solutions

All parents are looking for the magic bullet to ease their suffering, shut the kids up, not embarrassing ourselves in the process, get some sleep, etc, etc. But is there one? I think if we all realize we can control our children, not really, maybe we’ll (I mean me) get less agro. Of course I am trying to control Vivian a bit this week so I can sit and watch the convention. For a political junkie like me, the next two weeks are like Christmas.

Time Out Quiz

Of all moms’ modern day nomenclature, one that is stated between parents as a given means of discipline is the “time out.” But, is it? The article I just linked here states that it is “very effective.” I am not so sure about “time outs.” I do use it when frustrated since society has pretty much agreed that flinging your kid across the room is a bad idea. But, I do find giving Vivien a countdown shapes her behavior up, even better. So what I do is something like this, “I am going to count to five and I expect you to be in your car seat…,1-2” She stops climbing through the car and gets in her seat knowing the if she doesn’t get in her car seat, that “mean voice” is coming.

So, here is my first ever mom quiz/survey.  Weigh in on this one.  And watch out, “Play-dates, the time for your reckoning,” is coming soon.

Moving Target

Ah, the joys of parental abuse. Being climbed on, kicked in the shins, and my personal favorite having nails dug into my face is all normal stuff. But, what if it happens when you can’t discipline? Whatta you do?

The bottom line is a handheld cell phone is the only danger motorists face.

Happy Manners Day!

Just because I do not always have them, I do love good manners.  I think a little social order is a good thing. In San Francisco, where I’ve never met more men who will NOT open the door for a woman–even when on a date–could use a little manner review.  And of course, I am sure it comes as no surprise most people’s traffic manners are abysmal.

Well, lets start with some kiddie manners.  At Beverly Hills Manners there is a great survey to take.  Here is a sample question.

We live in a time where bad manners are running rampant. People are offending others without care. Here’s an opportunity to select your biggest manners pet peeve:

People who show up late without apologizing

People who fiddle with their cell phones and Blackberry’s during dinner

People who insist on using foul language

People who talk with their mouth full

People who do not respond to emails

People who cut in line

I chose “People who cut in line” which are yours?

Children’s Chores

It threw me when I was getting to know my then-future husband and his then-10-year-old son that very little chores were required of the lad. Frankly, I was vaguely appalled, but I certainly wasn’t going to risk being an evil future stepmother by setting up a work-flow chart on the fridge.

Clean Dishes
Creative Commons License photo credit: noricum

A good guy friend of mine told me that when he turned 15, his mom cut him off from laundry services and told him to do it himself from now on. So I suggested at least this compromise to Mark. He said Oliver would figure it out when he is on his own, as an adult. Hmm, yeah, well, not my horse, not my ranch. But I made it clear I’m not cleaning up after someone old enough to do it themselves. Mark didn’t believe me when I said I was doing my laundry at five years old.

I think chores are not only considerate to others in the house, but key to creating a child who is not spoiled and has a good work ethic. This page has guidelines about children’s chores. One of them speaks of giving a child a reward. Uh, I don’t think so. Did John Boy get a reward? Or did he just help his Mama when she asked?