New member of the family

For the first time in my life I am a dog owner.  We got Cody the Cockapoo just a couple of days ago.

Rex had asked Santa for a dog, but Santa told him he couldn’t cross state lines with a live animal. He said he would bring a toy dog.  Rex understood.  Both the kids got toy dogs, but still wished for a real one.  Like in “Miracle on the 34th street” Santa has his ways.

When Mark and I discussed what kind of dog we wanted our list was, 1) not too big, 2) not a puppy, 3) not a shedder 4) male.cockapoo

One morning I get a call from my neighbor Joanne asking if I knew who anyone who would like to take a 6 year old, Cockapoo, boy dog.  I said, we would.  I said “well, bring him by and we will see.” Mark sat nearby and said, “there is no “bringing by”, you see it, you’ll want it.”

It’s an odd story of how he came to be with us.  Joanne said another family in our area asked her if they wanted to take him.  Why, my friend and adult daughter asked?  Knowing Cody was a nice dog.  They said they were moving to North Carolina and couldn’t take him and they were going to have leave him at a rescue pound.  Last I heard they have dogs in North Carolina, so I don’t know what the story is, but unless a hurricane is about to heat and you have to run for your life I don’t know why you would leave your family dog behind.  But, our gain.

The kids were in the back with two of Viv’s best friends when we brought Cody back.

“Do you like this dog?”


“Want to keep him?”

“For the day?”  They asked.

“Forever”  Vivien jumped and hunged her friend.  Rex was speechless.

So far everything is fine except ONE thing.  The dog is a bolter.  At first I thought it meant he was looking for his old home.  But, I’ve been told he did this with them too.  So, no open front doors here.  He has a huge backyard that is secure he can ramble around, but hasn’t ventured out much yet.  Also, they never fixed him so I have to do that.

But, since I’m new to dog ownership I welcome any helpful hints to all this.

The kids are happy and we a more complete family.

Why We Don’t Have Pets

Okay, when you watch this vid imagine the last words I spoke were:

“Like me.”

I realized that should have been my tag… harder to “rewrite” a video.

I marvel at people who have babies and then not only have several pets, but puppies and kitties. That is so much NEED to deal with. Not sure how that all works and how the couch can withstand it. I’ve only had the kind of pets that can be contained in glass (rodents, reptiles). They are so lousy at playing catch.

You know how the name of your first pet is the first name of your porn moniker? Well, my first pet was a fish. Which I brilliantly named “Fishy.” Could you think of a worse porn name for a woman?