Who Would Buy a Bratz?

Why would any mom buy their daughter a Bratz doll? This lady did and then discovered the doll had the word “Enter” on her belt buckle. But the outrageous lips and hooker outfit were okay?

I was so glad when Mattel won the Bratz case. I think like Bush/Cheney and Bernie Madoff, the people who manufactured the Bratz deserved to be punished. No one made people buy the dolls, right? Yes, but we arrest drug dealers as well. They don’t make people buy drugs, but there is a consensus that society could run more smoothly without them. No fit on the toy store floor would make me buy one of these trampy dolls.

Creative Commons License photo credit: rejohnson71

It’s hard not to tell my daughter that she is beautiful. One thing that I so admire about her is that she hates when I call her that. “No, mommy, I’m smart, strong, and brave.” My thought: Yes, of course you are, and that is what I should be reinforcing in you. Her own innate survival skills are already superior to my own. I’ll buy her the smart, strong, and brave doll. The one who can fix things, doesn’t run up her credit card, is honest to people, graduates from a good college. And doesn’t have Lisa Rinna lips.