The kid needs to go back in the picture

Long time cool momers will no doubt have noticed that Rex and Vivien are in less videos than they use to be.  That darn going to school thing is taking my talent away!  I recently wrote an email to a gal about an enrichment class for Vivien.  I was asking about times and the lady wrote back asking “Are you home schooling here?”  Either because she is hoping to fill the slots for that 11:00am class or I seemed  like a brave, intelligent person who could do that.  Not the case.  I’d love to have them around more and have them in more funny videos, but if my kids were home schooled by me it’s doubtful they would be walking upright.

So, here is a little visit with the children. We just caught up over the weekend.

Down on the town with Abbey

I had resolved to catch up with pop culture trends I have missed.  Thankfully, before I could watch the Twilight movies, Downton Abbey stole my heart.  It’s like they are trying trick us with a word that is so similar to downtown.   No Petula Clark, but lots of other Brits in an addictive show.  Here is my story…

(Um, this thumbnail looks like I’m smoking or kissing my fingers)