Pre-School Fashion

Am I the only mom that gazes at the girls in pre-school and picks out admirable fashion? I have often uttered to a 3 year old, “I’d wear that.” Some things only a little kid can get away with.  When Vivien puts on striped tights, a flower dress, and super hero cape and says to me, “Momma, can I wear this?”

I say, “Sweetie, you are 4; knock yourself out. Wear whatever you want.” Unsaid? “Because it’s the only time you will feel this free.”

Granted at school drop off, I’m usually at my schlompiest best (but it fits). Here’s a dress of Vivien’s I wish was in my size. She doesn’t wear it much because it’s not pink or purple, but I love it. And it’s made of heavy velvet; it has a nice hand.

I’ll be clutching that one to my chest years from now.

My Kid Looks Better Than I Do

How many times have you felt like your kid looks a lot better than you do? Could be almost every day. But it really hit me today. Here she is wearing a great dress we got her in Paris, and I am dressed like a slob. I had exercised, but really it’s not an uncommon outfit for me to wear when I am not working.

Daphne in workout clothes, Vivien in a dress

Mommy clothes are either working out clothes, the horrendous mom jeans, or the flowing skirt/dress thing. We went to our Rock Toddler music class and a mommy friend was there in the flowing dress look. I think that is the way to go. Especially in the summer. Comfortable, no tushy showing, still feminine.Cause sometimes I see moms running around in their faux workout clothes, and I am seeing outlines of a body that shouldn’t be showcased. I think, “Oh God, that is me!”

Partly it’s fashion by sleep deprivation, but now that I get more sleep I think I could pull it together. Do I really need to be this casual in order to parent? Do any of us? It feels like it, but maybe we all need a paradigm shift.