Favorite Family Toy

I love this swing.  It has been a huge hit and loved by all who see it or ride on it.  It’s the Swing and Spin.  They asked me to review it.  PERFECT person to ask as we had a home made tire swing hanging from our giant pine tree.  As proud of my husband as I was for creating that I did want to give this new web like swing a try.  It went in easily and we have never looked back.  There are different sizes, this one cost about $150.  So much more fun than going to an amusement park and the food is better at my house.

Poor Tire, just sits on the side of the yard now.

( note:  I was not paid to review it, just got the swing, I really love it)

Particularly good if you are trying the old fashion “go play in the back” summer instead o paying for camp. Only a few left last time I checked so others must have same idea. I call it Camp Daphne