Dressing For Your Second Pregnancy

I’m not going to kid you: Sometimes I crack myself up. This is one of those times.

How do you dress for a second pregnancy? Is it different than the first one? Now that I’ve been through it, I am more easy-going with the process. As in, I’ll suddenly realize, “Oh yeah, now I can’t fit into clothes or through a doorway.” Whereas when I was pregnant with Viv, every few weeks it was “Oh my God, what happened to my cute little tush??”

High School Reunion

Actually, mine was a Junior High/High School reunion because I’m a product of an LA public, magnet, alternative school. My handwriting might be akin to a serial killer’s, but I’m a skilled critical thinker and free spirit.

My reunion was not in a ballroom at the airport Radisson, like they usually are. Instead we had a potluck at a big, pretty park, organized on Facebook. The last reunion we had was at my mom’s house (site of many great parties, since my mom was the original “Cool Mom”) ten years ago.

Vivien had fun with the other kids, but the only thing I didn’t like was how hard it was to look good at a park picnic.