Joan Rivers: a moment must be paid

I loved her when I was a little girl watching Johnny Carson.

So  brave.  Such guts.  I know people got made at her sometime, but guess what if you don’t have an edge you are Josh Groban, you aren’t a comic who makes people pee in their pants.  She always made fun of herself as well.



I was the direct beneficiary of her talent.  After she and her daughter left TV Guide where she blazed the trail of red carpet review they started another red carpet show The Fashion Team with my co host David Evangelista.  Later they brought in Lawrence Zarian.  The show was a blast to do.  fashion team with daphne brogdon and lawrence zarian Did I get to ever live coverage like she did?  No, I never got why, however it was a cushy gig.  Sitting in a studio all made up making fun of people.  I made jokes about celeb clothes and fashion trends.  Looks for less, fashion mommy must haves.  My kids both modeled on the show.  vivien peel modeling on tv

Rex and his mom "Kate Gosselin"

Rex and his mom “Kate Gosselin”

But, there was only one Joan.  Her daughter came on once in one of our early episodes.  It was not a warm event.  But, it didn’t change how I felt about Joan.

I saw her live in a play at Geffen playhouse not that long ago.  She was great.  So much energy.  Back in the ’70’s my parents interviewed her– they did some freelance journalism.  They loved her.  She was very smart.  She was promoting the film she directed Billy Crystal in “The Rabbit Test” about a pregnant man.

Let’s remember her delivery.  Someone can write a good joke, but the way she delivered it.. and would just not let up.  So funny.   I’m really going to miss her. Her nearest creative heir is Kathy Griffin.  But, she doesn’t make fun of herself the way Joan did.  But, creativity is so personal.  I really thought Joan Rivers would go on longer.  But, there never would have been a good time for her to leave the stage and I’m glad she was working till the end.

I can’t help but think…The last few weeks have been really tough on great comics.  Shouldn’t someone go check on Jim Carrey? Does someone need to walk Billy Crystal home?

Perfect blouse

When I was co hosting the Fashion Team my TV husband Lawrence Zarian use to say to me often, “I think you would look great in a crisp white blouse and a black pencil skirt.”  Being from LA for a second I thought he said, Crip’s white blouse, but no, that’s something for gang members.

Always up for a good makeover I bought a black pencil skirt pronto. BTW, LZ does make overs on Kelly Ripa’s show ( I don’t what it’s called now, but she looks so tiny next to the Regis replacement I find it odd), Entertainment Tonight and just about every other syndicated chat show in America.  He is the “The Fashion Guy” and I love him, ALTHOUGH  he did not send me a review copy his first ever book.  “Lawrence Zarian’s 10 commandments for a perfect wardrobe.”  I’m sure one of them is a crisp white blouse.lawrence zarians book

But, with my ample bosom and big ribs the crisp white buttoned blouse often looked slatternly.

June, or Daphne, is busting out all over

June, or Daphne, is busting out all over

I love the tailored look, but the tailored look didn’t love short waisted me.  While my ex TV husband  did NOT send me a book or a white blouse In Style Essentials  did.  A  fantastic white blouse for the well endowed.  It’s a great choice for gals who want to look crisp, professional, classic, but aren’t built like Lauren Bacall.  Here is the KEY: you order it based on your BRA SIZE.  Because I can be anything from a 4 to a 10 in a blouse.  It so depends on how it is cut.  This blouse covers my ta- ta’s without pulling.

a selfie of instyle essential blouse

a selfie of instyle essential blouse

NOW, my one ding on it is this:  I think I need the lower waist measured too.  They sent it to me right before Christmas and I looked great.  But, after two weeks of holiday parties, eating, treadmill gathering dust it did pull a bit on the muffin bump.  But, over all it fit better than other tailored shirts I have tried. I’m a 34D for those keeping track at home. (was not paid for review, but did keep the blouse)

on set with LZ, Vivica Fox. I didn't need a make over that day

on set with LZ, Vivica Fox. I didn’t need a make over that day

One of my commandments is the spray tan.  Takes ten pounds off.

I’m killing it here

I don’t usually brag about my parenting skills, but dang it, I think I’m being a very fun mom this summer.  Downside, there is little to no career development or my part time work getting done, I look like crap, but we have done: collages, tye dyed, gone to parks we don’t usually attend.  We have made cookies from scratch, had movie nights with my stove top pop corn.  We’ve gone to the beach and last week because of my big, little read blog I took my kids to a screening of “Smurfs 2”.   We went to my home land of Culver City on the grave of MGM studios, otherwise known as Sony.

We walked on the lot and over to the screening and party.   The kids happily climbed the Smurf mobile.

note: Rex made that shirt on one of our crafty days

I saw Brooke Burke.  She looked thin and chic, I had Fit Flops and a pony tail.  “Brooke, Daphne, Fashion Team”

"see you in a few years at Smurfs 2"

She had been on my show years before.  She was polite, but had no idea who was trying to say hi to her.  Then we went into the party part which was a tad crowded and had more fried food than I thought existed in LA county outside of the county fair.  There were fried mac and cheese balls.  Thankfully, both of my kids had no interest in that savory, though Viv did partake in other orange food while Rex wondered where the Smurfs were.  Once I got them seated ( stepped over some bodies) and they were drinking something blue  ( Smurfs, blue, get it?)  I saw that the there was some crafts to do.  I was secretly relieved that my kids had no interest in that either. A bunch of paint on my unstellar outfit, now how would that look?

As I walked herded  them toward the theater Rex started yelling “Papa Smurf”.  Step aside people, my son needs a picture.

yes, there was also blue frozen yogurt

We went into the screening room in the nick of time. We got good seats.  Some had to get on folding chairs.  The director and producer were there, which I thought sweet and showed that they get the influence of mom bloggers. I was on the aisle, so while the staff found some chairs for newcomers I gave the director the come hither with my chunky, rubber sandals and did an impromptu interview.  Raja Gosnell, kindly obliged.  My chief question, “How do you direct animation?”  I know I probably sounded like a rube asking that and not the savvy daughter of Culver City ( our motto is “Heart of Screenland”), but I did it anyway.

Raja: I direct the voice actors, “more angry, more sad, usual stuff. We also have live actors in the film, Neil Patrick Harris is in it you know?”  He was very nice, but might have thought, did you know not everyone in this movies is blue? (Nice he didn’t rejoin, “well, what the heck does a blogger do?”)

I was still thanking my lucky stars I had a real seat and had kind of forgotten about Dougie Howser turned celebrated all around great entertainer and out professional.  “Oh, yeah.” I nodded to the director.

Mr. Gosnell was very nice and I enjoyed our brief chat.  The producer was oddly sincere in his pre show remarks.  Having grown up here, most producers bug.  But, he seemed very pleased to have made a family film.  Sweet.

Vivien sat next to Brooke and didn’t remind her of our swimsuit segment from 4 years previous.  Maybe she didn’t want to bother Brooke, more likely it was because Vivien had no memory of the event.  I did, because I thought BB was very nice and the swimsuits for the little kids we were showing were way to “adult” for my taste.

wish we could have kept that cute frock

I clothe my daughter in swimsuits that look like WW1 is about to start.  No bikini’s for my lass.  So, I told Brooke she could take the suit home to her children.  Later, I found out the swimsuit “designer” asked for her suit back.  I was mortified. We all were.  All these little brands want to do is be able to say “so and so is wearing my stuff”.

wish we could have kept that pool. Vivien looks like she wants the ball

They pay for it. Here she could say BB’s daughter had her bikini and she asked for it back. Not done I tell you. I told the producer, Never use that “designer” again.  We didn’t.

Movie begins:  Loved it.  We all loved it.  My kids were enchanted.  I was engaged.  I like the blended family conflict in the  B story with the humans. I think those of us that are steps or people who are in adopted families will appreciate that part of the movie.  I’m sure this is not the kind of film that has critics raving. Screw them. It’s a good film for kids and the family.

Wouldn’t that be great if they used that quote in an ad?  “Screw them.  It’s a good film for kids and the family.”–

Next up, I’m planning some road trips.   OMG, I’m so fun.

No surgery facelift, say what?

Ah, the good old days.  My dear show “The Fashion Team”.  I just stumbled over this clip from my ( no cancelled) show.  This was fun to do and it’s impossible not to try it along with me.  Dare, you not too.  This nice gal Cynthia Rowland led my co host Lawrence Zarian, TV star and good sport,  Finola Hughes and myself through the magic of facial exercises.

Yes, I Still Wear Maternity Clothes

I have issues here, people. I need you to work them out! Am I clever or a crazy lady? Perhaps a bit of both. How long did you wear your maternity clothes?

I would write more, but my brain is meatballs. Was awoken four times last night: once by Rex at 1:30am (“You come here now, mommy!”) and three times by Vivien. She wanted to sleep in her pop-up castle.  Rex’s screams awakened her to the fact that she was darn uncomfortable.  I put her in her bed (well, Oliver’s bed, but hers when he is gone, sigh).  Then she woke me up pissed that I had taken her out of her castle.  I put her back. Then she came back because she couldn’t sleep. I don’t quite remember it, but then she ended up sandwiched between me and MP.  At 6am, when Rex started screaming again, I told the man who impregnated me to get up. That bought me about 25 minutes. Then Rex hurled books at me (see “reads”).

But, back to the issue at hand, just because Fashion Team was canceled is that any excuse for me to cling to my old clothes?

Cat Deeley

Well, talk about being a glass half full kind of person, that’s how Cat Deeley struck me. Cat is the host of Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance?”   Why shouldn’t she be? Beautiful, confident, on a big show and now with her own jewelry line on QVC which is how she turned up on the Fashion Team this week.

We were all charmed with her.  Even when she said “This is a cute little show.”  Yes, it’s not a primetime show on Fox with a huge following, but we call it home.  She was very easy going and sweet.  I tried on this bracelet for a segment about her line and when it was done she said, “Keep it”.  Okay by me!  I spoke to her about doing some kind of giveaway for visitors and she was enthusiastic, so we shall see. The line is based on vintage pieces.

We looked at the fashion of Prince Harry at one point and I told her off camera about my take on the princes.  She had met them at the concert they threw to commemorate the anniversary of their mother’s death.  She said they were the nicest, most well mannered gentleman. Sigh, mummy would be proud.

Visiting with Cheryl Tiegs

A couple of weeks ago, Miss Cheryl Tiegs was our guest on The Fashion Team. In addition to be being a modeling legend and judge on the reality show, “True Beauty” (guilty pleasure), she also has her own skin care line.

In the above picture, you will see how good she looks. She is still a beauty and I think she is almost 20 years older than me, and look at her. She looks younger than I do. She gave Lawrence (co-host) and me some of her wrinkle cream saying, “It really works,” and we have been slavishly slathering it on since.

Now, I don’t expect to be a Sports Illustrated model like her, but I asked her about how it was for her post-pregnancy in regards to her body (she has a son in high school).  She said it took her 6 months to lose the weight. That made me feel better. Because I would half-expect someone like her to do it in 6 days. I’m at two months now, so I will try not to totally freak out till I’m past the Tiegs threshhold.

Celeb Beauty Moment with Jane Kaczmarek

On the Fashion Team, we get various guests. Most are nice people. But every once in a while we get one (and by we I mean me and my co-host Lawrence Zarian) we hope puts us in their pocket and takes us home. That’s how we felt about Jane Kaczmarek: candid, witty, warm. She was talking about advice her mother gave her when we were taping, and it was funny and right on, so I asked her to share some of this grand dame’s sage words with our Cool Mom viewers as well.

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon Visits Cool Mom

Garcelle was such a sweetheart when she visited the Fashion Team the other week. Naturally beautiful, she certainly didn’t look worse for the wear for having twins. She also has a teenage son, Oliver, from a previous marriage.  She has been the young mom and now the older mom. I told her my joke that if I met a mom who is under 35, I think they have been slipped a Roofie. She then told me a story that happened a couple of years ago. She was at an event when Kimora Lee Simmons walked by with a reality TV crew in tow. During their small talk, Kimora asked her how old Garcelle’s son was.

“16,” she replied.

“Oh, my God,” Kimora screamed as the cameras rolled. “Were you raped?”

A real bull in a China shop. But since so many professional women defer child-bearing (like myself), not unsurprising. Here I ask Garcelle some Cool Mom questions.