Dad Humor

In other of Father’s day I pay tribute to a unique aspect of fatherhood: the jokes.

Oh, poor dads. Under appreciated and the recipients of many eye rolls.  But, c’mon they can bring it on themselves.  Not remembering the names of their kids friends, being five years behind on what the kids like  (“I got tickets to see The Wiggles? What don’t 9 year olds like the Wiggles?”).  Hardest of all for me to take is the sense of humor.  From my dad’s generations, to my lovely husband dad humor would get them the hook at a comedy club. Their hacks.

So, where can a dad perform?

What are the forehead ( not knee) slappers in your house?

Happy Father’s day


Look at me ma! No wires. (sponsored)

I’ve been waiting for TIVO for radio. I need the rewind button when I space out listening to NPR  (something about the middle east, what was that?).  Plus, I missed my shows and wish I could listen to my favorite political radio show while I make dinner.  Well, now I can.  Sonos sent me their Wireless Hi Fi system to review and I  now have one of their speaker (they call it Play:3 $299.00, Bridge is $49.99)) in my kitchen so I can listen to shows on the internet while I cut my carrots.  Oh, but that’s only one of the uses.  See I did think this would be a gift..

I remember it as if it were yesterday…. ( cue dream sequence)

Target has an in-store promotion for the free wireless bridge with purchase of a Play:3 or Play:5 happening from May 27-June 9 


( I have been paid to write to a review of this, but I really did like it)



Post Father’s Day

“Hi daddy.”

“Well, hi!” my dad beamed. Oh, good he is having a good day.

I was wrong.  Last week was a good visit, but he has slipped back today to his shadow world.  Part present, mostly not.  I go along with the things that don’t make sense and calmly tell him “he owns restaurants” when he asks what my husband does for a living.

“Is that right?” he says with a gentle trace of his Southern roots.

He doesn’t seem to notice Rex. This is a depressing Father’s Day. I prefer the kind with “let’s get daddy some bagels and put his socks away for him” that I had left in order to come here.

I glance at pictures of my dad on the wall of his rooms then see him as he is now.  I suffer a cognitive dissonance.  My dad would hate this.

Two articles in the NY Times are very relatable.  Sunday’s about how by installing a pacemaker in the author’s father extended his life and made he and his family miserable.  I think the themes will resonate with others.  Life extension is not always quality of life extension.   This morning about delirium in the elderly in hospitals on the rise was right out of our life.  It’s his hospitalizations that accelerated my dad’s fall.

Here is the dad I always knew.  Out to dinner a few years ago with my sisters and our cousin Margo. The guy in this picture would not want to be the guy I saw yesterday.

Love you daddy.

Be Nice to Daddy!

Oh, poor dad, he doesn’t get the fête mom does. I asked Mark what he wanted for Father’s Day and he said he didn’t know. I said, “Well, we could make a big fuss for you like I got for Mother’s day.” He turned and glowered, since he knows he did NOTHING for me for Mother’s Day. He’s not good with stuff like that, but is a great dad, otherwise. Fine with me – it lets me off the hook!

It seems like moms often are the conduit of communication between dad’s needs and children’s needs. Here is one example.