Food Mistakes

It’s always humbling when you realize as a parent you’ve screwed up. Hopefully, it’s something small and not bailing your kid out of jail. Reading a recent issue of the health section of the NY Times told me what I kind of already knew (and my mom kept telling me): that I shouldn’t ride Viv about eating food – any kind of food.

In the video, I say I’m going to link to a study about how picky eaters still get enough calories. I remembered it from my days with Dr. Dean Edell Radio Show. I couldn’t find it, so I emailed him. He said he no longer had it either, but he wrote me this: “The bottom line is, if kids don’t eat lunch at all, they make up for it at dinner… the daily caloric intake is very stable in kids but meal-to-meal is unstable… does that help?”

Take a listen to the other do’s and don’ts.

I’m a Cherry Pitter

This is evidence of being an overprotective mom – or a moron. Summertime, and Vivien loves cherries.  I painstakingly cut out the pit of every cherry she consumes.

Manual cherry pitting

She is nearly three, so maybe she could figure out not to swallow that large, hard thing in the middle.

I say to Mark, “Why don’t they invent something to take pits out of cherries?”  Since he is a chef and in the know he says, “They did, it’s called a cherry pitter.” Kind that he didn’t add “duh” at the end of that sentence, like I probably would have.

The name of this tool comes back to me like a dream. The question is, why didn’t I buy one? 1) I forgot it existed, but 2) even if I did buy it, summer would end and it would go in that drawer in the kitchen with the gadgets and matches and rubber bands. And June would roll around again, and I would have momnesia, and I wouldn’t see it in the back of the drawer.  That’s how I’m justifying it.