NO Camp Camp

Summer is here and I have my children in a different camp every week!  Well, not really. I was recently accused of “allowing my children to play unsupervised in the backyard.”  Call me guilty!  They have a childhood.

I haven’t signed them up for stuff all summer.  Why?

1) I want to spend time with them

2)  I don’t have full time job so I don’t need to

3) they need to play

4)  I don’t want to have to be somewhere every morning when I do that 9 months out fo the year

5) They need to play  I’m not the first to say this may experts do.

But, just so you can see what I’m doing to these poor kids and call Children Protective services here is a special report.

Oh, with  a nod to my rabid anti circumcision stance.

Free Range Parents

I take that name in part as an ode to my Dr. Phil pal Lenora of Free Range Kids. It’s not always easy to allow your kids to be kids, but I really try to force myself. By doing so, you can also free yourself. Let your kids find the play and follow their lead, not the other way around. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

And who wants to be a harpy, uptight, nagging broad anyway?

We can’t always live with safety straps.

Do you need to play with your kids? Momversation

I would have posted this earlier, but I was playing “Rexy Monster” with my daughter and her friend.  I hold Rex as he chases the girls.  It’s tag with a different name.  I think why not play with my kids.  Only way I’m going to get any exercise. Actually, I really adore Lenore from free range kids. I met her when we were on Dr. Phil together. I think she is spunky and not shy with her opinion which is great because in the mommy blogging world in the fear of offending people can get very muted and have the variety of a Spanish tiled roof home in Orange County. While I do play with my kids I don’t think you HAVE to. You can still be a great parent. In fact the RIE school of thought is that you get in their way if you direct their play in any way.

And speaking of tag…, I’m still learning this posting thing.  One thing they say is to tag things in your blog or vlog so that search engines find you and then you get more hits on your site.  So, Sandra Bullock, Justin Beiber, The Jonas Brothers…um, who else is big these days? 😉