Saturday Fun Day at the Dora and Diego CMOM Exhibit

I’m trying to make it a new rule that there is at least one day that is just about Vivien – not me distracting her so I can do something else, or dragging her on my errands. I call it “[blank] Fun Day.” As in, whatever day it is. Friday fun day sounds the best, but I work this Friday, so that’s not going to work.

In NYC, we had Saturday Fun Day and took the subway (or underground train, as we called it for Viv) to the Children’s Museum on the Upper West Side. At the CMOM, as they call it, they presently have a hands-on Diego and Dora exhibit.

You run around a world that looks vaguely Dora- and Diego-like. She loved it! I feel like if I immerse myself in something like this for her for a couple of hours, then I don’t feel guilty when I say, “Okay, time for us to go to the cafe across the street so Mommy can have an espresso and croissant.” If they were smart, all kid play areas and attractions would have good food and coffee for the parents. That’s what I need in order to be fun.