Cool “something” coming soon

So,  long story short:  As my kids got older, as youtube dominated the net, as I lost my production partners (aka…people who paid for cameras, editing)  I’ve kind let this thing die.. a bit.  It’s also WAY harder to making any nickels compared to the old days (2008).  Now everyone and their dog has vlogs.

Well, my old partners have morphed into Kin Community and they have kindly handed me all my vids, the rights to this site, etc. (here are the keys, start tagging!  So, I would like to re-engage with  However, I still have who are at an age where vlogging about them is more problematic than when they were still in diapers ( Vivien is 11, Rex 8)  They know how to say things like “Don’t post that picture mommy”.   I do not have financial partners so my production value will look like home made porno… with clothes on.

This kid has no idea he is being exploited so his mom can turn a buck. Lordy, I miss that sausage leg

This kid has no idea he is being exploited so his mom can turn a buck.
Lordy, I miss that sausage leg


Also, as my kids become more independent so did I.  I  do not identify myself as a mom as much.  I still like “you are a great mom” as my fave compliment, but I also have discovered my body again… sex… exercise… reading…. washing my car.  Things that were not possible just a few years ago.

Between my own years of community work ( and some guy named Trump, heard of him?)  I’m engaged politically.

I had a Food Network show ( you might have heard about it). Helped launch my husband’s latest venture Prawn.

So, this site will be less cute kiddo vids and I think more Cool food mom, Cool activist mom,  Cool mom whose breasts still look damn good after nursing two babies for two years each… just a few ideas.  I  also want to spruce up some of the best ones from the old days.

When then President Obama you to stop by.   My talented friend Ronnie Butler jr.

When then President Obama you to stop by.
My talented friend Ronnie Butler jr.

Have some more?  Let me know…  Look for me here.. breasts and all!   Let’s see where this goes.

MORE inappropriate sandwich shape

My mind drifts as I make my kids sandwiches for their school lunch.  I started off thinking I would make a little girl sandwich.


But, then I keep going.  What if the girl then stuck her finger in an electrical socket?



Or, when she grows up, goes to college and parties a little hard.  This would be her sleeping off a bender.


At least I did stop myself from making a sandwich that showed what that girl did that night and with what!





Curvy women, rounded bellies, imperfect moms unite! We don’t have to go all Paula Dean, but a little belly is ok.  Why fight that last 10 ( or 20) pounds that hang on our middle. Embrace it.  We have had kids, we are not getting any younger.  Sure if I had Madonna money I’d have Sergio come and work me out every morning followed by a “massage”.  But, let’s deal in middle class reality.

Let’s celebrate who we are!

Perhaps in song!

Momversation: Naked Mom Confessions

Oh, god, meant to post this Saturday… but the mom brain is not firing these days. I was on a plane to SF for a night and thought… now what have I forgotten?? Oh, new post, that’s right.

I did dress myself and go for 22 hours up to San Francisco by myself for my goddaughter’s 2nd birthday. It was great to see some of my best girlfriends. I’m always stressed leaving my kids and ready to abort the trip at any moment, but it was fun to be at a pool party and realize I didn’t have to watch out for anyone; if I heard a cry, it wasn’t mine. I did have to do a lot of pumping and battled with the TSA to get my blue ice pack on the plane.

But I digress, I think this is one of the funniest Momversations we have done. The editing makes it… and of course my flimsy robe!

Hey, I bet many people are naked when they are at the computer… hmm, but I digress.

Joely Fisher: Funny Mom

I’ve always had a soft spot for funny women. Since I like to think of myself as one of them, and I know that women in comedy don’t always get a fair shake. Cheri Oteri doesn’t get a movie deal and Jimmy Fallon does?

Joely Fisher co-stars with Brad Garrett in ‘Til Death on Fox. She plays a mom with teenagers, but in real life she has two young-adult stepkids (I can relate) and two young girls. She was on “The Fashion Team” yesterday and Lawrence and I loved her!

She had the usual earmarks of a good guest – amiable and up for anything. Sure, she’d chat about swimsuits and scented candles! But she brought her own unique bawdy sense of humor. Lawrence is known to be affectionate with our female guests and always has at least one segment where he dances and cuddles. Bless her heart when it was Joely and my turn to begin a segment together she said, “Let’s cuddle, too.” We discussed if she should cup my breasts as well, but nixed it for camera. Love someone who is so unafraid and takes risks with comedy which is crucial. Made me step up my game.

I already knew her darling sister Trisha from one of my favorite hangs, Treehouse Social Club. A brilliant place for moms where kids can play and take classes while moms get to eat real food! Like with a waitress and everything. For months, our Mondays were Miss Merideth ballet for Viv while Rayna the dear waitress brought me an espresso and a smoothie. Treehouse is where Vivien had her first ballet recital

I asked Joely for one bit of mom advice she would pass on to others. She said when her 7 year old daughter and 2 and half year old get into it, she leaves them alone. Or at least tries not to interfere. She thinks it’s better for them to work out their conflicts and relationship themselves. This resonated with me as so often my mom friends and I try to be UN Ambassadors a bit too much in play dates. My siblings and I beat each other up and now they are my best pals.