Dad humor

There is something that happens to a man when he becomes a father.  Their sense of humor goes down the tubes.  Puns, put down humor, hack jokes, repeating the same line for 30 years that’s the stock and trade of men with children.  My dad was like this, my friends dads growing up were like this and now my husband is like this.

It is a bit painful.

Pictures My Kid Takes

I often find that Vivien has grabbed the camera when I’m not looking and has clicked away some of her own special pictures.  This is a typical cropped adult picture of a child  ( dad walking in front as he prepares to take her to school.)

This one of Rex is a little better compositionally.  And captured him content with what I call his “magic cookie”.  They take all cries away.  But, then I was blown away when I saw this one she snapped when Mark was sitting watching “my civil war” vid.  Compositionally it looks great and she captured her parents looking like they are in telenovela.  Love it.

Kids, they snap the darnedest things.