Runaway Mom

Now, I don’t mean like that lady who did the old “oh, some black men have kidnapped me” bag o’ crap that nobody should have fallen for since that lady drove her kids in the lake using practically the same story. I mean come on lady, at least give credit to the balloon dad for originality. I’m thinking of a more lighthearted runaway situation. Like a half day at a spa. Or at least two hours reading a book at Coffee bean and tea leaf.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has moments when you want to walk out the door unencumbered. My mom had a friend who did it for real. Left the 5 kids and the husband. Kind of ’70s thing I think. Course if I had 5 kids and no support I might bolt too.

I just want mini runaways. Because after a few hours I would miss my family. But, jeez, sometimes I’d like the chance to miss them.