Bully Kids

Can you control your anger when another kid is mean to your kid? Would you be able to control your anger if no one else was watching? Do you wish you could say, “Hey, saggy pants, you want to take this outside?” I wish I were an animator; I could do something funny with that.

The sounds in the background are a teacher leading some 5-year-olds through a class… I didn’t notice any bullies, though.

Trolling For Mom Friends

Along with the miracle and wonder of children comes BOREDOM. Especially while they are nonverbal. Gosh, the pattern of your life can start to melt from one day to the next. So, that’s when I started to cast about for any kind of groups or classes. At 2 months we did Itsy Bitsy Yoga; basically a few socially starved moms were led through gentle exercises with their baby. We would roll our kids around, kiss their tummy, and do other stuff like that.The gym was walking distance from my house, which was a real bonus since my kid screamed her head off every time she was in the car. This did not end until we could turn her seat around.

Here I am at a My Gym, talking about this lonely mom thing.

Reaching Out, From My Bunker

In the May issue of Parenting magazine, the “My Biggest Challenge” column featured a mom who said her biggest challenge was keeping in touch with friends. Mine would be not eating bread, but friends is up there (hence my recent vlog, My Friends Hate Me).

Daphne Brogdon in a box

The magazine had three suggestions:

1) Start a toy/book clothes swap. Getting together will feel productive. My take: I don’t need a reason to get together with friends. I just need them to magically appear within 1/2 mile of me.

2) Share a two-minute snippet of your lives once a week or so; no need to find time for a long call. My take: Yes, with some people you can do that. There are a few, however, who are jaw-boners and make it hard to jump on and off.  Did they not hear the crying child in the background?

3) Stamp postcards, then fill them in when you have a moment. My take: Could I just email? I know getting mail is fun, but I’m not going to put “Been plagued by terrible vaginal itch” on a postcard.

I found that after 30 (even without kids) one has to institutionalize events in order to see friends or we will all sit on our couches alone at night, watching “Wife Swap.” That’s why I used to do game night every other week with my friends, and I still try to keep my monthly dinner club going.

Do other people see friends? ‘Cause I have a few I haven’t seen since my wedding, and I know it’s not all me. That they are hiding out, as well. Is that why Osama bin Laden is still in his cave? Maybe he’s overwhelmed by making plans, too.