Gift Reactions: A YouTube Playlist

As I get deeper into this YouTube world I am amazed at how any subject you search for results in a plethora of vids about it. Hmm, gift reactions? Yep. My favorite part of these is seeing how everyone’s house LOOKS LIKE CRAP on Christmas Day. Everyone LOOKS LIKE CRAP on Christmas Day. It wasn’t just me with dirty hair, no makeup and pajamas saying, “Open this one,” while cradling a mug of coffee. There could just be a separate channel for reactions to getting a Wii.

It’s a lot of pressure this present opening. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. Feelings can be hurt, days can be made and someone might hurl.


Gamma Gave Me

Since my dad’s passing in August, my kids have been left grandfatherless. Mark’s dad passed many years ago.  It breaks my heart that my dad and children didn’t get more time together, but I’m so glad he held them both in his arms.

With the loss of Papa, their grandmas are even more important.  We are fortunate to have them both nearby. One is about one and a half miles away; the other about five.  They are nice grandmas. My mother-in-law is Grandma Cheryl and my mom is Aunt Mom — a nickname my nephew gave her as he heard his mom call her sisters by their first name and her mom, “mom”, so that must be her name and she must be Aunt Mom — to Vivien. But Rex is a traditional kid.  He just calls them “gamma” or sometimes my mom is “mom” (I’m momma or mommy).

I really love that my kids love their grandmas.  When either of them come over it’s like the Rolling Stones just landed on the tarmac for an impromptu concert.  I want to foster this cross-generational closeness. I want my kids to know how great it is to have loving grandmas and appreciate the love and the gifts they get from them. Always say thank you and acknowledge their kindness.

But, maybe, just maybe, I’ve gone too far. A girlfriend came over the other day and said, “how can that be?”  “Check this out”, I said.  And grab the camera.