Thanks to everyone for dear comments and prayers. So far, tests coming back negative. Last night was tough. He woke up a lot, and since it was night two of little sleep for me, the nurses tried to soothe him and take him out of the room a couple of times. He is much more tender. No wonder. In the early morning he wouldn’t nurse, which I really don’t like. After I walked with him a while (as in in a circle in the room), he started to calm.  He really liked the over-the-shoulder in the rocking chair. I know he will like it when dad comes back, as that is what Mark does a lot of with him.

When they inject the antibiotics through the IV, he cries. I know that it feels weird. I can’t believe he goes through this when he can’t raise his own head yet. Some of the nurses are great. I rarely see a doctor. He’s supposed to get out of the hospital on Wednesday. His fever his down a bit, but I push for regular Tylenol as it helps him be more comfortable.  Ready to do a Shirley MacLaine a la Terms of Endearment if needed.  “Give my kid his medicine!”

Came home for a nap when Mark spelled me. Going back now.